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The Ultimate Guide to Pixels Advertising

If you have decided to take your online business a step further, it will interest you to know that retargeted advertisement led to over 1,046 percent increase in branded search in 2017.

Particularly, one of the advertisement techniques that has led to this tremendous increase has been pixels advertising. When a visitor visits your website, there is a piece of unassuming JavaScript code placed on their browser. These cookies are otherwise known as tracking cookies. These cookies notify retargeted platforms to show specific ads based on the specific pages they visited on your website.

This is what pixels advertising is all about.

Pixels advertising can have an incredibly high conversion rate if done correctly. If you are still puzzled about what this is all about, then keep reading. You will know how to create a pixel advertising campaign that works.

How does Retargeting Work?

Before you know how retargeting works, it’s important you have a grasp of what retargeting is.

Retargeting is a type of online marketing that allows you to reach specific users who have visited your website before, with banner ads on display networks cutting across the net.

The interesting part of retargeting is, different from a regular advert, it buys out because it reaches out to only target users that have been on your website and had an experience with your brand in the past.

You can decide to choose target users that visited a specific part of your website or surfed through the entire website. Whichever target users you choose, you are sure to only spend advert dollars on visitors who viewed your website previously.

How Is It Measured?

Retargeting gives credit to view-through conversions and click-through conversions. Sometimes, if you work with an agency, they will report to you and also give you a total. It is then in your place to make up your mind how you want to direct the formula of performance.

Confused with the terms? Well, here’s a breakdown.

Click-through conversions are simply any conversion that occurs as a result of someone clicking a retargeting ad where they got service from. View-through conversions, on the other hand, are credited to another channel but these conversions served a retargeting advert.

With that said, it is obvious that there is a lot you can learn about how to create effective landing pages and adverts. This is because your landing pages play a crucial role in how well pixels advertising will work on your website.

But that is not all that matters.

It is important to know that when you have decided to test retargeting alongside your digital marketing scheme, the following should be noted.

First, you have to take time to research, build and measure the impacts of this marketing method. This means that you need to establish the viability of retargeting, as per your business needs, before delving into it.

Second, despite brand names and logos being very vital, retargeting adverts give you an opportunity to push your creative messaging. This helps to tell your user a story that will see him/her and interact with your site.

Thus, you need to also invest time in how you engage your user with your story.

Third, many retargeting experts believe it’s very important for your users to see a maximum of 7-12 adverts in the space of 30 days. Seeing the same advert every time or even more can be an unproductive approach to your marketing. Over retargeting can thus work negatively for you.

Finally, consistency is key. Once you have started on a pixels advertising campaign, it is important that your target audience consistently see adverts from you. That way, you will be slowly building their engagement with your website.

What Does Pixels Advertising Do For You?

Pixels are used in a large number of digital media platforms. As a matter of fact, the most common digital media platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords utilize pixels.

So why do they use it?

Pixels enable you to do the following.

Enhances delivery to people likely to take action

Pixels advertising make sure your adverts are being targeted and viewed by people who will most likely take action. This is unlike conventional advertising where a bulk of the targeted audience is not particularly interested in your niche.

Thus, the click-through rate is significantly lower.

Generates audiences with similar interests

Pixels help you use custom intent audiences. What this means is that the audiences who see your ad was specifically looking for what you offer. Thus, the bulk of the audiences you will have, will all be having similar interests and needs, mostly tailored to your business.

You Can Have access to audience perceptions

Pixels helps you get valued information about the people that visit your website. Thus, you are able to understand your audience better and get to see how they perceive your business.

Operate dynamic products ads

With pixels advertising, timely and relevant adverts are content based on what people have viewed on your website.

Even keywords people use to search on the internet can be used to dynamically show them an ad, specific to the product they are looking for.

Quantifies cross-device conversions

Pixels help you to view how your customers are moving between web locations or devices before they convert.

Now that you have an idea of how pixel advertisement can work for you on your website, let’s look at how you can implement this method on your Facebook and Google Ad campaigns.

How to Retarget On Facebook

Previously, Facebook utilized a conversion pixel, but turned to use a one in all “Facebook Pixel”.

So how does it work?

Here are the steps to take to get started.

First, you need to set-up a Facebook Advert account. Setting one up is totally free. What this account does for you is that it enables you to manage your pages, advert accounts, and the people who work on them.

Next, you need to create a “Custom Audience.” This will specify who your target audience for your retargeting campaign is. Set the time duration and include the previous traffic. This will give a Facebook pixel that you will put on all the pages of your site.

Once this is done, you create a new campaign. Next, you state a conversion rate. For your goals, you would have to make a new custom conversion which is a PDF buy that will fire in spontaneously when the PDF is downloaded.

Then, you click on the “set up a custom conversion” link on the conversion screen of the website. After which you create a custom event and label it. Make sure it fires as soon as the conversion occurs.

The next step is targeting the people that hit your landing page. For this purpose, place the URL of your landing page in the required field.

After you have gotten all your three audiences which are, all your traffic via the pixel, the custom audience of people that landed on your page via pixel, and the custom conversion event, you can proceed and create the advert sets and the adverts on the custom lists combos.

How to setup Google Retargeting Pixel

Like Facebook, the Google system enables you to email the code required for your website page.                                                                                                                                          Below is a complete breakdown of the steps to getting started.

First, go to Google Adwords. Click on “Campaigns”, then “Shared Library”. Next, you click the “View” link inside the “Audiences” box, followed by clicking the green “New Audience” button.

Select the “Remarketing” list. If you haven’t included the remarketing search snippet to your website, select “Define a list of Visitors by placing a new on your site.”

Then you Select “New tag,” set the time interval of the cookie and name your list. Then select Save. Once you have finished creating your remarketing list, click the “Tag” link on the right side.

Finalize by clicking the text area, copy and paste the link within the body tag code (as <body></body>) of your website. If you want to add remarketing to the whole website, ensure to put the code on every page of your website.

One important thing to note is that you must have a privacy policy on your website and Google AdWords Help section.

Despite knowing how you can integrate pixels advertising into your Facebook and Google Ad campaigns, how you integrate it into your own website is also very important.

Continue reading to learn more.

Change your advertising venture into high-converting campaigns

If your company is currently doing some online advertising, it indicates your digital marketing goal is to drive traffic to your website and probably create a conversion.

Instead of waiting for a visitor on your website to take action, you can use pixels to tag this traffic and create an audience. But how exactly?

You can create posts, adverts, etc. and re-market to this audience because you have an idea of their interests.

For instance, you can write an article that is more detailed about your new service and why it’s relevant to the audience. You can then publish this article to only the target audience using pixels.

This follow-up campaign will facilitate an action such as a purchase. You can repeat this process consistently and take your potential buyers on a well-organized and educational sales program.

Prevent your potential customers from deserting the shopping cart on your Ecommerce store

If you have built an organized digital marketing program that creates new leads from online traffic, the program should take the new leads on a journey of the value of what you are selling.

However, most leads that come to your website view and pick a product from your store to buy but they leave it in the shopping cart.

The reason these customers abandon the product at the shopping cart is not that they don’t want to or are unable to make-up their mind. It’s because they are distracted.

You can use pixels to monitor precise actions at different stages on your website. From potentials who see your adverts, those who went through your different products and even those who left what they bought in the shopping cart.

For customers who for some reasons didn’t complete the shopping process to the payment stage, pixels on your website may remind them to finish their transactions.

Now that we have dealt with what you need to do on your website, let’s have a look at the financial needs of this marketing campaign.

How Can You Make Sure You Get Value For Money?

When you want to go into digital marketing, it is important to know a few things to guide you in your spending to reach your targeted audience.

First, decide what your goal is before you embark on the pixel advertising campaign. Writing out what you are determined to achieve from the pixel advertisement is vital since it enables you to plan your campaign accordingly.

The last point here is to ensure that you track your results regardless of the kind of budget you intend to go with.

Increasing the traffic on your website is one of the key factors your business needs. It plays a big role in your company’s success.

Bear in mind, it’s never always about the numbers of visitors but the quality of visitors. It is best to have visitors that are interested and ready to make purchases. When the visitors are interested in your products, you stand a greater chance of increasing conversion.

And as long as you are familiar with digital advertising in promoting your business, you can leverage on pixels to generate traffic on your website.


For years people have been spending so much money on advertising with the intent that potential customers would contact them for their services.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

With careful investments on the kind of adverts you show for a particular type of audience, you can increase the conversion rates of your adverts by a significant margin, while spending on a total less than what you would have used other conventional means.

Final Word

Fast-forward to our present day. Technology has evolved with the advent of the internet and social media which has brought out pixels advertising. This form of advertising has proven to be the most effective yet economical marketing plan you can ever take.

Not still sure you have gotten an exhaustive breakdown of the above subject?

We are here to help you. Contact us today for any inquiries.





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The Essential Workout Supplements for Muay Thai Fighters

One out of four females worldwide will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Men are not left out as well as men assaulted by their partners are often ignored by the police.

If you want to train for self-defense, burn a lot of calories fast, build self-confidence or fight in a ring, Muay Thai is the perfect sport to meet all your goals.

Let’s assume you are not new to Muay Thai boxing.

You have tried everything you can, but still, need to improve your Muay Thai performance. Stay glued to be informed of the essential workout supplements along with nutrition, training and rest you will need to get the desired results.

Thailand, The Home Of Muay Thai

In case you didn’t know, Thailand was the birthplace of Muay Thai. In the ancient days of Thailand, Muay Thai was a tool used to stabilize the nation and maintain the throne of the King. Weapons were not allowed in the Royal Palace.

To guarantee the safety of the Thai King, Muay Thai fighters were employed as his Safeguards. As time passed by, a large number of Muay Thai fighters arose. They became palace guards, personal guards, palace police, personal trainers for high ranking statesmen and the Royal family.

In Thailand, Muay Thai is seen as an identity and art that forms a big part of their culture.

The martial art has grown from something that was used for self-defense of the country to become one of the most prevalent sports in Thailand. By the evolution of Muay Thai as a sport, the culture has been preserved and passed down to the new generation.

Today, Muay Thai has become a fast growing sport because of its splendor and benefits to a lot of people across the globe.

How Can Muay Thai Help You?

In our world today, people tend to forget about satisfying themselves because they are too busy trying to please their bosses or families. The good news is Muay Thai can help you find fulfillment in your body, mind, and spirit.

Here are key benefits you should note.

First, if you find yourself in tough situations and there is no form of help anywhere, Muay Thai training will provide you with necessary self-defense skills to fight off criminals and escape difficult situations.

Self-discipline is also one of the important benefits gained from Muay Thai because it can be transferred to other aspects of your life. You will learn to perform duties without being told what to do.

Muay Thai can be a very demanding sport but it helps link physical exercise to self-confidence. Making progress in this sport will have a positive impact on your life and increase your self-confidence tremendously.

When it comes to Muay Thai, you can be at your best when you implement your effort and the power of positive thinking. This duo gives you a mental training and builds up your competitive ability in the ring. In other words, it gives you mental toughness.

Muay Thai also helps you develop focus right from the start to achieve your health and life goals completely. It does this by conditioning your mind to never give up. It also goes as far as reducing stress and improves self-awareness.

Muay Thai also helps you lose weight, which may be what you have been waiting for. The nature of the training is geared towards working your limbs and enhancing your overall cardiovascular endurance. It burns a whopping 800 calories in an hour.

On a lighter note, Muay Thai helps you build mutual respect and friendship. This is because of the energy that you put into achieving your spiritual and physical goals.

Now you know the benefits of Muay Thai, here is how you can get started.

How Do You Get Started?

First, you must understand that Muay Thai is opened to all age ranges, from kids to adults.  Whether you have got kids at ages 7 -17, you are in your 20s, or you are in your mid-30s as a parent, Muay Thai is open to all.

As a matter of fact, not everyone who engages in Muay Thai enters a ring to compete. Many do it for purely health purposes.

Here are Tips for Muay Thai Beginners and for those who care about getting better at Muay Thai.

Find A Good Gym Around You                                                                                                          Most times, there could be a Muay Thai gym close to you. However, their gyms are usually not publicized, which can make them hard to find. However, with the era of the internet, you could just Google it, and get access to one.

Getting The Best Gloves for Muay Thai                                                                                          Borrowing gloves at your gym will not be a good idea, because they are likely going to have a stink. The most expensive gloves are not always the best. What you will need are gloves comfortable enough for you to wear.

You can get these at your local store or gym.

Ensure You Wrap Your Hands Properly                                                                                        Endeavour to wrap your hands always especially if you are a beginner, to avoid wrist sprains.

Work On Your Form                                                                                                                            As a newbie, it’s essential you focus majorly on your form and speed. A lot of people start out with great enthusiasm and end up with painful hand injuries. You must learn to startup with low punches and gradually build up your speed and form.

Get A Private Trainer                                                                                                                          A private trainer will help you measure your level of development. It’s absolutely invaluable when you have a trainer lets you know when you are getting your techniques right or not.

Don’t Be Scared to Ask Questions                                                                                                 Ever get scared asking questions to your teammates at the Gym, especially if they have more experience than you. This will help you overcome challenges faster.

Stay On The Right Nutrition                                                                                                              One of the factors that contribute to sloppiness while training or practicing Muay Thai is not staying on the right nutrition. A lot of trainers will tell you “take a lot of Proteins, especially eggs and lean meat”.

Some may say “take a lot of Vitamins”. At the end of the day, you can’t be so perfect. This is why supplements come in handy.

Essential Supplements for Muay Thai

Since Muay Thai puts a great demand on your body, it is advised to use essential supplements that will enable you to train longer, harder and recover faster.

They have some benefits from increased endurance, ability to make decisions faster, explosive power, and sounder sleep, just to mention a few.

Beta Alanine

This is a supplement for explosiveness and muscular endurance. Strenuous anaerobic activities can result in a buildup of hydrogen ions which make your muscles acidic and make them burn. This can make it difficult to keep up with the exercises.

Beta-alanine is an amino acid present naturally in foods such as pork, beef, fish etc.

It has been shown to improve explosive strength during moderate to high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. Thus, if you take this supplement for about 20 minutes before starting the Muay Thai, it would give you extra gears

Beta Alanine also increases blood flow and causes a pop in the vein before Muay Thai.

Cordyceps Mushroom

This is a supplement for aerobic endurance. This supplement particularly helps you heal fast from damage as a result of a fight.

It increases energy, reduces fatigue, enhances endurance, increases stamina, etc. Over time, it will aid in recovering fast from a more rigorous glycolytic activity like hard pad work.


This is a supplement for fighters that reduces inflammation and speeds up recovery. Muay Thai often leaves you with aches in the joint and sores in the muscle. In order to avoid sub-optimal performance due to serious inflammation, turmeric is a good remedy.

Turmeric has curcumin present in it which helps exhibit strong antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antifungal actions.

It helps to reduce muscle soreness, exercise-induced inflammation and increases the rate at which the muscle is repaired.


This is a Muay Thai supplement for focus and reaction time. Feeling focused and ready can give you an advantage in a fight.

Thus, it improves the quality of your Muay Thai performance.


This is a supplement for sound sleep. After Muay Thai, it is usually difficult to sleep well. Poor sleep affects recovery and leaves you in a state of aches and tiredness. Poor sleep could also hinder the mastering of new techniques in your Muay Thai.

Magnesium aids energy production, blood pressure regulation, heart rhythm, etc. Stress from each day can cause a drastic reduction in magnesium levels which gives rise to the use of this supplement.

It is important to know that these drugs listed are supplements. They are not shortcuts but drugs to be taken alongside food to give you the best results.

Final Word

Muay Thai has widely spread across the world today and more people are becoming more knowledgeable about how effective it is.

The best routine to improve yourself as a Muay Thai fighter will be to locate a good gym, engage in the right training, eat the right diet and get the essential supplements.

If you will need to more about Muay Thai fighting, simply Contact us today.



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12 IT Project Manager Skills to Look For During Your Next Hire

Are you hiring an IT project manager? The question is simple. What skills should your IT project managers have to finish your project in grand style?

Your project manager should be at the forefront of projects in your company. Matter of fact, 70 percent of organizations who employed project managers reported project success rates improved.

If you are looking to get the best for this position, then keep reading. Next time you hire, look for these 12 project manager skills.

Why IT Projects Matter

IT projects are getting more multifaceted, in a period where everything is virtual, circulated, and abstract. This is making projects hard to conceptualize. Yet, with a basic level of IT skills, any serious IT project manager can comprehend broad view ideas.

Second, the business shift to computerization has made more companies dependent on technology. These have created solid competitive advantages. So, for a business to survive, the success of IT projects must increase.

Understanding Project Management                                                                                             It is good to understand the concept of “project management”. This will help you have a broader view of what you should be looking for.

Project management involves the harmonization of available resources to complete a project scope at a given time using a limited sum of capital. This means there are so many poignant parts to follow-up, control, and observe.

In fact, big IT projects run 45 percent over financial budget and 7 percent over time. This results in 56 percent less value than predicted. Thus, it’s a good reason to hire skilled IT project managers

As you look out for the skills of a project manager in your next hire, here are the two things your IT project manager must know.

The Real Definition Of Success in Project management

What does it take for a project to be successful? Successful projects undergo three phases and they must balance up.

The first phase is the project scope. The second phase is the project budget. The last phase is the project schedule.

Before you start any project, it’s imperative to have a clear vision of the project outcome. The predictive life cycle is that stage of the project.
The project scope is an identification of what the project will create and what it would not create. If you have a project to distribute a software for 500 users, but it fails to involve the development of the software, then the development of software is out of scope.

Project budget, on the other hand, involves how much resources the project will consume.

The project manager gives an estimate of how much the project will cost and how long the work should take with the available resources.

For instance, if your project manager is short of labor or capital to finish a project, then he/she will need more time, money or to go back to the scope and adjust it to balance up with available resources.

Many organizations omit this important step. Rather, they end up with unrealistic budgets and schedules. As long as your project scope is in place, your project schedule will follow through with the budget.

The Failure Of A Project Starts At The Beginning

Planning is essential in project management. You may have observed that project managers often devote weeks to planning.

The reason why they spend so much time planning is that it’s cheaper. It is better to get the requirements, project scheme, and execution plan right from the start, rather than rushing to work and wasting resources.

Planning helps project managers understand what it will take to complete a project. As a result, teams can execute with confidence.

When things go skewed in a project, your project manager must return to the planning board. She/he must see the best action to fix the problem, retrieve time or financial losses and work on execution. Project planning goes beyond putting up with the best project management software.

Project managers who claim to manage projects because of their skill with a management software tool can be comparable to the saying “you can mow a lawn because you have got a mower”. It does not work that way.

Rather, here are the 12 skills you will need for an effective project management in your business.

The 12 IT Project Management Skills To Look Out For

In project management, traits such as communication, negotiation, and organization skills are requirements to be successful. But, it takes a bit more to be at your best when your project manager focuses on the area of information technology.

Understand IT Architecture

Information technology operates in an environment spanning several data centers.   It is thus necessary the project manager knows the architecture and location of applications/data on the corporate network.

Pay Close Attention To Return Of Investment

When your company launches a particular digital service or application, it’s the responsibility of the project manager to understand how the return on investment will benefit the whole organization.
How will these new inventions generate new businesses? Would it make processes easy and efficient? Will it help the project milestone to be very clear? Or ensure the result of the final product operates as the business intended it to be from scratch?

Recognizing Common Tech Roadblocks

Project managers that have no technology background tend to struggle with common technology roadblocks that are seen by those that have experience in the field of IT.

Things like recognizing and removing information silos must be dealt with first before moving to the next thing. With no background of this in the first place, observing the project milestone can get out of balance.

Clarify Technology To Non-Technical Stakeholders

IT project managers are the intermediary between the technical and non-technical partners. Advanced technical projects usually face the problem of communicating complex technical terms. This is where the project manager comes in and sorts the issue out.

Understand The “IT Gibberish”

It is important for a project manager to know technical terms. This is to avoid misunderstanding the meaning of a technical term which is a thin line between a failed or successful project.

Know How To Make Tough Decisions

When it comes to making the tough decisions about an IT project, your project manager is the best person for the job.

This is because; the project manager has a clear understanding of the business and technical aspect of the project. Thus, he can make the best choices that would benefit the business.

Get The Best Technical Resource Capabilities

It is the job of your project manager to know the best team or technical staffs assigned to a project.

Your project manager also handles the issues that need a fast remedy. This will be carried out by finding the best technical resource to cover up without bottlenecks.

Management of Resource Conflicts

Whether your business size is small, medium or large, you will always have resource allocation issues. Whatever the case may be, you are always limited by costs, tech constraints and human resource.

Project managers should thus know how to effectively manage those resources, for effective project completion.

Get Acquaintance With Vast Technical Methodologies

It is a necessary skill for IT Project Managers to get familiar with the best practices by which software applications are designed, developed and delivered. This includes knowing the latest technologies that may be needed to make this possible.

Great Ability To Access Risk Accurately

One of the important skills for project managers is the ability to assess, mitigate and focus on the value of an asset. This includes Minimizing the risk of project failures to the barest minimum and ensuring his team members have the tools they need.

Have A Wide Global Experience

The advent of the internet has caused teams in different locations handle projects remotely. Moreover, project managers with vertical experience working with teams across the globe are exposed to more knowledge.

Engage In Proper Scheduling

The best way to achieve the goals of a project within a given timeframe is to itemize that goal. Then, break it into small tasks with a deadline. That’s scheduling, and it’s the core of project management.

Stakeholders need to know the project time of completion. The delivery of key milestones, and time each task takes to complete.

To Crown It All….. A Good Sense Of Humor Will Do

Although this may sound ridiculous, this skill is absolutely no laughing matter as long as it involves project management. As a matter of fact, a good sense of humor is one of the most vital skills needed to be a project manager.

Apart from allowing the team to see a challenge from a different point of view, it is efficacious in pacifying both managers and teams’ stress. Easing stress allows a team working together to focus on producing nice concepts as opposed to working in a pressure-filled atmosphere.

Wrapping Up

Project managers are at the core of every project you will handle at your organization. Thus, it is important that you invest in the best project managers in your team.

If you have any questions, or you would like to get in touch with us, please contact us here.



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9 Great Features of Childcare Management Software

You had a passion for taking care of children, so you started a childcare. Yet, you know within you that caring for a child is not all it entails. You need to devote more time to the childcare business so that it grows to deliver quality services to your customers.

So, what do you need? Childcare management software.

A good management software can reduce the time required to execute your daily tasks such as childcare billing, administration, and management of employee daily roster. By this, you can pay more attention and channel your energy into creating excellent services, rather than waste much time on paperwork.

Matters of fact, other businesses are strongly embracing technology. Statistics show that in North America alone, businesses spent close to 686 billion dollars on technology alone. This is an improvement from the previous year’s 651 billion dollars.

What this means is that you need to make an investment in good software as soon as possible. Take a look at these 9 great features of childcare billing and management software that could transform your business.

Why Use Software For Your Childcare Billing?

Billing can involve a lot of hectic paperwork that can be prone to so many human errors. Additionally, the whole process can be time-consuming. However, the software can improve this entire process.

Billing software makes payment and processing of fees easy for your customers. You can even accept online payments.

On top of that, many beneficial reports are available and you can move out your financial data with ease. This software also has search tools that give you access to information fast.

But that is not all that this software can offer you. Below are 9 great features that you can enjoy with this software.

Online Processing Of Payments

One of the biggest features of billing on the software is the electronic payments. It gives you access to all that you need for payment processing.

For instance, it has QuickBooks. This helps you to send your total daily income easily. For you to operate the QuickBooks account effectively, it is necessary that you define where you will send your totals daily, manage customer details in a system, and automate journal entries.

After this process, your information is imported without any stress and frees up your time.

With this software, you can also send email statements designed for families. Previously, you had to create paper statements that took time and space.

However, this software not only generates cash statements but also tax statements at the close of the year for families, send receipts and enables access to previous transactions.

Activities and Classes

This feature helps you track and bill events in your business. Whether it is an extra-curricular or curricular activity, an unlimited number of events may be put in place to track enrolments and automate billing.

Your company’s total revenue, which you will be able to see from this software, will help you know where your marketing effort is most effective.

Importation of Data

If you fall into the category of people that hate to re-enter data, then this feature should excite you. Child Management Software offers you a flexible data import feature that allows you transit with ease.

All you need to do is transfer the data from your current program, set up the results to match the easy-to-follow guide, and it starts running within minutes.

Classroom Manager Alongside Child Daily Journal

This feature allows you to sustain a balance between staffs and children by using the classroom manager feature. It performs this function by re-assigning rooms as children advance in age bulk-check in and checks out of children and teachers.

It also helps with daily journal events of children like bottle feeding, change of diapers or any events that come up.

With this, parents are able to look at a real-time report of daily events through their portals from the comfort of their homes or work.

Scheduling Child and Staff

The importance of balancing your children and staff is inevitable.

As a director or assistant director of childcare centers, you would be able to view your staff schedules as the feature allows you see staffs that are unavailable to keep you at the top of your business.

Children are not left out especially in cases where there are absences, you will be aware of every happening. The ratio projection tools on the software assist you adequately with this function.

Family Data Management

The daycare management software aids in managing all your customers’ data in one unified system. Significant information such as detailed contact information, multiple phone numbers and more are saved in childcare registration software.

It also helps you view your customers and vendors’ balances in one glance. On top of that, it also helps the kids with easy management of vaccinations, rosters, and storing their contact information for medical and emergency aid.

The daycare sign in this software will also help you customize fields to save extra information for children, wards, and employees.

Solid Child Attendance Tracking System

This feature allows you track the children attendance hourly through a “booth” registration. All you need do is station a touchscreen device at your entrance for the parents to indicate child drop-off and pick-up function with a single click.

Parents enter their information and choose the option of “select children by name or photo”. The data is then stored and the next authorized parent can do the same thing.

Smart Employee Punch Clock System

The same stationed booth that tracks child attendance can also be used in clock-in and out for your employees. Your staff can check-in and check-out with the time clocking system from any station. Also, you can see the report in real-time.

This feature can help you export the time record of each of your employees to QuickBooks for payment processing.

Web-Based Registration

This web-based registration feature makes it easy for your clients to view the classes available per time. With Internet access, it enables busy parents to sign up from anywhere and anytime via their mobile devices or computers. It also produces online registration reports.

This helps you save the time and money you would have spent to register them on-site. If you want to scale down your expenses, this feature will help you free up unwanted staff and save money.

It also accepts all credit cards allowing your clients pay online with ease while generating instant invoices. It thus does a good work in managing your clients’ registration waitlist.

Bottom Line

Technology has evolved largely and imprinted positive effects in the childcare industry. The childcare billing software has proven in so many ways to be effective in easing payment processes.

If you are interested in learning more about the Childwatch childcare billing, contact us today.





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How to Register a Sole Proprietorship in Ontario

Did you know that Sole proprietorship in Ontario is so viable, that the GDP as a Sub-national jurisdiction is worth $629 Billion, which is larger than Sweden’s or Switzerland’s?

Also, Ontario offers the opportunity to grow in a stable economy which helps a sole proprietor business owner thrive. This means that you need to stop procrastinating, make a move, and register an Ontario business as a sole proprietor.

When starting a business, there are few startup costs you need to know to be in complete control. Additionally, there are other vital information that you need to have at hand, to make the registration a success.

Thus, you’ll want to read this guide for registering a sole proprietorship in Ontario.

Choose the Business Structure Tailored for You

First, it’s imperative that you select the most preferred business structure suiting your need. They are four types of business structures in Ontario. These are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and cooperative.

Each structure has its own pros and cons and is suited for a given business type. Thus, it’s imperative that you consult on which one suits you best.

But for the essence of the post, you will be informed about running an Ontario business as sole proprietor. However, before taking any decision you must know the following.

Laws Governing Sole Proprietorship in Ontario

First, by the law, the sole proprietor who runs his/her business is known to be the same legal entity as his/her business. This means a sole proprietor is solely responsible for debts, liabilities or obligations his/her business might incur.

In the situation where the liabilities are larger than the business assets, you will have to declare a personal bankruptcy.

Second, there are no formal legal necessities to establish an Ontario business as sole proprietor, asides registering the business name. Hence, as an Ontario business owner, if you choose to hire people or bill your customers a sales tax, then you need to register for taxable accounts.

Your business also comes to an end at your demise.

Finally, as an Ontario business owner, you must ensure to keep separate records and accounting books for your business. Nevertheless, you will only need to file a single personal income tax return.

Create a Name for Your Business

After you have made up your mind to choose the perfect legal structure your business needs, you will have to create a name fitting to your needs.

Good names aid to distinguish your business by describing the activities that your business carries out. You should be careful as well not to be too specific to avoid issues with business opportunities in the future.

In the long run, your business name can become a valued asset. This helps to promote recognition, awareness, goodwill, and loyalty from customers.

Business names for sole proprietorship may not require legal identifiers like limited, incorporated or corporation. This is partly due to their different legal structures.

In the midst of all these, finding a great name can be undoubtedly difficult. However there are key tips on how to go about it that would result in a befitting name.

But before you can fully claim that the business name is yours, there is one legal process that you need to follow.

Ensure Your Business Name Is Available

To register the name of your business; you have to carry out a name search to ensure you have the legal right to it.

You can go about this search in different ways such as checking if the potential domain names are available, by looking through online directories, phone directories, yellow pages, and public information sources.

Nevertheless, it is good to have two or more prospective names ready so you will not be taken unawares at any stage by a potential conflict.

Registering Your Business Name

This is the legal step you will need to get your sole proprietorship business in Ontario registered. As an Ontario business sole proprietor, registering your desired business name with the province is paramount.

However, if your sole proprietorship name was registered with a personal name, you would not need to do this.

It’s pertinent for you to note that one extra word added to a personal name, makes it a business name and must it be registered. For example, “John Doe” is allowed to be utilized without registration, but “John Doe foods” must be registered.

Here are two reasons why it’s good that you register your business name.

First, opening a business bank account will require you showing a proof of the business name registration.

Second, it’s safer, so as to avoid using someone else’s business name which may lead to you changing yours or compensating the person with a similar name.

However, please note that as an Ontario business sole proprietor, you are responsible to renew your name registrations as stated by the Ontario provincial ministry.

Obligatory Registration of Taxes, Licenses, and Permits                                                                                                                                                                                               It’s compulsory for every Ontario sole proprietorship business, operating from an office or home, to conform to the business laws and regulations of Ontario.

Collecting and paying off the appropriate taxes is one of the obligatory duties of every Ontario business owner. You may be asked from the Municipal level, to obtain a permit or license to trade depending on the category of your business.

So, it’s important you inquire about the municipal laws and prohibitions before starting up. You must obtain a vendor permit tax from the provincial level if your business requires you to obtain a retail sales tax and remit as scheduled by the province.

Creating an Account for Your Sole Proprietorship Business Name

For your sole proprietorship business name to have an account, you will be required to provide a proof of registration along with image identification. As the sole signatory of your business, you will be the only person to operate that bank account.

They may be extra requirements needed by your bank. However, in any case, always ensure to make the right inquiries from your account officer. Ensure you get an adequate number of deposit books, checks, and imprinted stationeries with your business name and address.

It’s imperative you have your bank account officer advice you in choosing the option of having a banking card, debit card or linking your phone number and email to your account.

However, it won’t be bad to apply for a credit card that may be used solely for your business expenditures.

Finally, Kick-Off Your Business                                                                                                                                                                                                           Now that you have fulfilled all the legal obligations, you are set to effectively operate a sole proprietorship in Ontario.

As a result of the registrations done with the various levels of governments, on a regular basis, you will get information bulletins, several updates on new legislation, alterations in tax rates, trade requirements, and more.

It is however still necessary to stay updated on the above topic. However, if you have any enquires going forward; do not hesitate to contact us today.




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What Is a Typical Physical Therapy Aide Salary?

In 2010, there was a recorded number of 63,800 certified physical therapist aide employed in the United States. Each of this therapist had a typical salary of $27,680. There is a projection that employment rate will bring an increase of 85,000 in 2020 with the physical therapy aide salary also rising.

This implies that there are big opportunities in this area of expertise. So, if you’re interested in becoming a physical therapy aide, you should know what type of salary to expect for your future.

And that is exactly what you’re going to learn in this piece. Furthermore, you’ll get to know what you’ll be doing to earn that salary. So read on.

Guideline to Becoming a Typical Physical Aide

For you to become a physical therapist aide, it is important you apply to an accredited program for an associate degree.

The reason why getting a degree is very important is that you have to be certified or have a license before you can start working.

You don’t have to worry about getting a job after your associate degree. This is because, a large number of physical therapist aides who have a high school diploma receive jobs on the training.

Training and Getting a Degree

In 2017, about 350 associate’s degree programs were approved by the Commission on Approval in Physical Therapy Education. This means not all associate’s degrees are accredited.

Accredited programs run for 2 years and the courses include anatomy, physiology, psychology, algebra, and English.

During the clinical work, you gain experience under supervision. Physical therapy assistants also get qualifications in other first aid skills. The skills are basic life support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR.

Despite the fact that you have a big chance of being hired, it is important you know that employers prefer applicants that have computer skills.

Registration, Certification, and Licenses

For you to get a license, you have to graduate from an accredited physical therapist aide program. You must have a pass in the National Physical Therapy Exams for physical therapy assistants. This exam is overseen by the State Boards of the Federation of Physical Therapy.

Some states may need the applicants to pass the exams based on the state laws governing the practice of physical therapy. This means doing a background check to ensure you don’t have a criminal record and not below 18 years of age.

For you to keep your license as an aide, it is pertinent that you take education courses non-stop. Ensure you check with state board requirements for acquiring a license.

Are there other qualities that you should have?

Becoming a physical therapy aide is a job that involves caring for humanity. So, you can as well ensure to have the following important qualities.


Oh yes! This is very important because you are helping patients that are in pain. Having the heart to help people, means you must have empathy and enjoy helping patients.

Attention to Details

Organization and attention to detail are key qualities of a physical therapist aide. Why?

This character will enable you to keep accurate records.  Also, it will help you track verbal and written instructions in precision.

Social Skills

Physical therapy aides have to be friendly and courteous. This is because they spend most of their time interacting with patients and health staff.


Most of the time, physical therapy aides have direct contact with the patients. This is so especially when they are providing therapeutic exercise or manual therapy. Thus, it is important to be comfortable while at it.


Physical therapy aides are usually on their feet. They kneel, bend, stoop and stand for a long time. Thus, it is important that they have physical stamina when carrying out activities to help patients.

What Exactly Will You Be Doing?

Physical therapy aides help patients recuperating from illnesses and injuries manage pain. They help to clean treatment areas and set up therapy equipment. They also take care of the patients.

In addition, they perform clerical duties as well as scheduling patients and setting up a treatment area. They also move patients from therapy area and wash their linens.

Under the supervision of a physical therapist, physical therapy aides treat patients. They massage, balance training, gait, and exercise patients. They also give a report on the result of each treatment and hand it over to a physical therapist.

Where Do They Work?

Physical therapy aides work in offices of physical, speech, occupational therapists and audiologists. They also work in the state, local and private hospitals. You can find them in offices of physicians, government, skilled nursing facilities.

Work Schedule

Most physical therapy aides work full time. Sometimes they may be required to do weekend and night because a lot of physical therapy offices have extended hours to take patients schedule.

The Differences and Similarities Between an Aide and Physical Therapy Assistant

The difference between an aide and an assistant is that the former does not require previous experience while the latter requires previous experience.

Physical therapy aide requires a high school diploma while physical therapy assistants require high school diploma and certifications in basic life support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other first-aid skills.

Physical therapy assistants have no limitations in education hence, they are not completely restricted to their jobs. On the other hand, physical therapy aides have limitations in education and are restricted to their jobs.

The similarity of a physical therapy aide and physical therapy assistant is that they carry out their duties in the same environment. This allows for an overlap in terms of traits and responsibilities needed to be successful in either position.

Both jobs have an enthusiastic outlook of 41% for assistants and 40% for aides. This helps build availability and appeal to transit from the role of a physical therapy aide to a physical therapy assistant.

Important traits in both professions are similar. These include things such as compassion, as a result of patients need.

An ability to pay attention to details helps both professionals ensure that patients have access to all they need in a conducive environment.

Having a refined sense of selflessness is very important in both professions and shows patients how much attention you focus on them to ensure that they feel better.

What is the Physical Therapy Aide Salary?

When a comparison was done with other best-paid professions in 2016, it was observed that a physical therapy aide had a median salary of $25,680. The best paid in the profession had a median salary of $38340 while the lowest paid made $19,370.

There are cities that pay very high for the services of a physical therapy aide. These are the metropolitan areas of Alabama, Boulder, Colorado, Illinois, Springfield and the Lake County.

States and districts that pay physical therapy aides the highest mean salary include Alaska, the District of Columbia, Minnesota, Colorado, and Illinois.

Average Physical Therapist Aide Pay vs. Physical Therapy Assistant

A physical therapy assistant is often desired more when compared to the physical therapy aide. This is because their responsibilities are more and the pay is also more. How much?

Well, the mean annual wage of physical therapy assistants is about $52,160 and this makes it rank as one of the most lucrative wages based on positions gotten with associate degrees.

Despite the figures, employment of physical therapist assistant is expected to grow 31% from 2016 to 2026 which is fast compared to the average for other occupations.

The reason for this is due to an increase in the demand for physical therapy in response to the health needs of a population undergoing aging. Heart attacks, movement-related injuries are also contributing factors in this surge.

A number of serious conditions such as obesity and diabetes have also become more prevalent in our world today and this is also increasing the demand for aides and assistants.

Thus, don’t get discouraged with the figures. There is very high possibility that there would be an increase in the near future in both wage and demand.

How You Can Get a Leading Edge

If you are starting off as a physical therapy aide, having extra education will be a big plus for you. This might attract higher salaries plus more lucrative working places.

But getting a lead in this profession will require you also applying for work in the right places.

It’s vital that you explore areas that have a large area of active people who engage in exercises regularly. Apparently, you can get good employment from a wide range of places which are nowhere around large metropolitan cities.

Some places are most preferred due to their average size, approachability, and widespread of their lively populace. These places are great to apply for physical therapy aide jobs and to grow your career.

Wrapping Up

Now seems to be a good time to launch into the physical therapy industry. This is true especially if you are interested in becoming a physical therapy aide.

One thing is certain over the next 10 years – there will be geometric growth and improved constancy. This will also lead to the simultaneous increase of the physical therapy aide salary.

If you have questions or want to get more information, contact us today.




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Are You a Real Estate Investor? Here’s Your Guide to Getting a Rehab Loan in Kansas City

For over 10 years, there has been an increase in the average gross profit per home as well as real estate investors. It is thus no surprise that distressed properties in metropolitan areas such as Kansas provide great opportunities for investors in real estate.

As a matter of fact, a recent study showed that flipped houses were purchased below the estimated market value of 26 percent.

If you are a real estate investor, you know that you have to deal with renovation costs and other high prices. Thus, a long-term rehab loan will benefit you.


Well, keep reading. You will know how to go about getting a rehab loan in Kansas City.

What is a Rehab Loan?

Rehab loans help purchase and renovate residential properties by both long and short-term investors. They bring together the cost of renovation and purchase of the property into a single short-term loan.

What types of rehab loans are available?

Let’s have a look at the various types.

Types of Rehab Loans

Generally, rehab loans consist of two types. These are permanent rehab mortgages and hard money rehab loans.

Permanent rehab mortgages are used by the long-term investors only to purchase a property while holding it as a rental.

There are two options while using a permanent rehab mortgage. These are Home-style Renovation (HSR) loans and FHA 203(k) loans.

The Home-style Renovation (HSR) loans finance only a unit investment property and FHA 203(k) loans are used for primary residences only.

The hard money rehab loans are used by the short term and long term investors for different functions. The short-term investors use rehab loans for acquiring, renovating and selling a property

The long-term investors use this rehab loan to renovate a property before refinancing.

Hard Money Loan Rates, Terms & Qualifications

Most rehab lenders offer rehab loans to investors. A wide range of fees, terms, rates, and qualification would be proposed by a small local hard money lender just because they have the ability to work with exclusive borrowers and projects.

The national lenders have a standard in qualifications, terms, and cost of borrowing.

Hard money rehab has a general interest rate charge ranging from 7.5% to 12% which would be paid within a short period of time which reflects its risk characteristics. In most cases, interest-only payments would be paid at the end of the loan before paying the full principal.

Rehab loan points are the cost of money borrowed. They are fees that the rehab lender charges for lending money which are part of your closing costs. These ranges from1-10% of the loans amount.

Rehab loans have a general repayment term period of 12 – 36 months with no penalty for prepayment. This allows you to pay off the loan as soon as you can while your holding cost reduces.

This time frame is sufficient most times for the investors to carry out their exit strategy in the completion of their renovations

There is a title and property insurance policy requirement by most hard money lenders. Take note that a property insurance policy is 20 percent higher on an unoccupied property or one that is undergoing rehab, compared to the policy of a usual homeowner.

After-Repair-Value (ARV)

Rehab loans are single loans which combine rehab budget and a property initial purchase. A property’s after repair value ratio is used by hard money lenders to determine the maximum loan amount.

The ARV ratio is determined by the hard money lenders by calculating the expected fair value percentage of the property after it has been renovated.

Rehab lenders also issue loans centered on the loan to value (LTV) of the property, most times 90 percent of the property’s original purchase price. This is for when you want to buy a property in an excellent condition.

Hard money lenders usually give out loans centered on the properties expected ARV percentage, when you want to invest in a property that requires renovations.

Unlike many other rehab lenders that offer less, the private money lenders offer the highest rehab loan amount equivalent to 75 percent ARV.

To improve your credit profile, you have to have more experience with rehabs making the ARV higher. This means that investors must cover at least 25 percent of a properties ARV or more with their personal revenue when investing with a rehab loan

Most lenders want the investors to make the upfront payment for the costs of renovation, after which the investors would submit an invoice. This invoice would be used for reimbursement by the lenders.

This process is put in place so as to ensure that the investors are totally involved and the lenders are protected from defaulting

Qualifications for a Rehab Loan

Rehab loans have qualifications that differ. In most cases, the lenders must have a solid bank statement, 25 percent down payment, and a reputable real estate skill.

Before the lending process takes place, the property has to be in an area the lenders are contented with.

Where Can You Find Rehab Loans in Kansas City

Hard money loans have a poor reputation among investors. However, a lot of reputable real estate investors and high ranked companies make use of them.

If you are looking to find a rehab hard money loan, then get in contact with a nationwide lender that can fund you in 15days while offering prime borrowers competitive rates.

The lender requires an order title insurance and title search run by a title company immediately after the rehab loan is approved. The same services can be provided at the same cost by a title company recommended by your real estate agent or rehab lender

Your lender would give you the closing costs immediately informing you on how soon the loan can be closed. A location, date and time for closing the loan would be scheduled by the title company. You gain ownership of the property immediately after the loan is closed

Keep in mind that the cost of total purchase process doesn’t end with application fees and lender points. The closing cost is also involved between 2 percent to 5 percent.

Steps to Renovating a Property with a Rehab Loan

These steps will enable you to have a full grasp of what to be on the lookout for during the process of obtaining and using the hard money rehab loan. They will explain what you need for getting to flip and close a property as well as the pre-qualification stage.

Get Pre-Qualification with a Hard Money Lender

Hard money lenders usually have a process of pre-qualification that assists investors in knowing the costs, ARV ratios, fees and other terms. This process takes a few minutes and it allows real estate investors to progress with confidence that the money needed for their project is available.

During the pre-qualification process you would be required to provide the following:

Fundamental Questions

Few fundamental questions about you and the potential property would be required. Information like the property address, the amount offers that you expect your tax ID and your name will be required.

Personal Credit Scores

Your personal credit score should be over 550 but you can check your credit for free..

Personal Bank Statement

Your bank statement for about 2-3 months will also be required.

Get Approved for a Hard Money Rehab Loan

When the initial stage is completed, you should work on getting approval for the loan. To do this, you have to be specific about the property by narrowing your search down. If you have not prepared your documents like the list of past projects, get to it.

The moment you have found the best property, make an offer and the lender will assist you with underwriting your loan approval after your signed purchase contract has been received.

If you have been pre-qualified before and you desire to add another property then you will need the lender to approve each of the properties.

To get your loan approved, you would need to prepare the following:

Purchase Contract

Once an offer has been made on a property, you have to mail the purchase contract to your lender. After this, you will be required to fill a loan application and pay a fee for application as well.

This document states the price that was finalized and the purchase between the seller and buyer. This is the reason why the hard money lenders want to see the document.

Property Appraisal

The rehab lenders order their appraisal to know the expected ARV as well as the current market value of the property.

When you complete the application, the lenders organize two appraisals. One is called “ARV appraisal” while the other is called “as-is appraisal”. These appraisals tell the lender the current market value and expected value after renovations have been carried out.

List of Previous Projects

This is what the hard money lender uses to weigh applications for an investor’s past rehab experience. Lenders like to see about 2 or more projects.

To prove your previous projects, lenders usually ask for the prior purchase agreement, proof of finance of each project, and a receipt of sale.

If you are a new investor, you would have to work with a licensed contractor that has enough experience.

The scope of Rehab Work

The scope of rehab work explains in details the renovations you intend to do. This helps to determine the ARV of the property.

Contractor Bids

For rehabbers that are new to the business, lenders require the contractor bids as part of the rehab work scope.

Getting Finances

If the lender has made a decision to go ahead with the deal, the breakdown of the fees will be given to you like their fees, closing date, and interest rate. If you agree to the terms of the rehab loan, it will be funded by you but in part payments.

Carrying out Renovations If It Is Necessary

You can carry out renovation plans if the need arises. It must be done in a timely manner and properly. This is because the longer you hold on to a property, the higher the cost and lower the profit.

Leave the Property

Once you have finished renovations, you need to use a strategy to exit. This is done by financing into a permanent loan for a long-term investor and selling off the property for a short-term investor.

Wrapping Up

Rehab loans are good for businesses that involve renting properties or that need to get worked on a little. It offers investors loan on a short-term basis with quick approval times, interest-only payments, purchase of a house and renovation financing altogether.

For more information on getting rehab loan in Kansas City, contact us today!




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The Ultimate Guide to a Complete Office Network Installation

An estimated 49 percent of respondents on a survey believe IT is 49 percent of their company’s value. Is your business still locked in hard to the conventional way of doing things? Are you still tied back to paper documents?

If you are still lost in the era of paper files, it is time to rethink and take a paradigm shift. With the advent of IT in business today, office operations have gone seamless and virtual. If you have a growing business you run, you must understand that valuable IT Solutions can be important to your business efficiency.

A complete office network installation in your business is one of the key IT solutions you can put in place. Whether you are moving offices or trying to setup up your first office. Setting up a network for your business is crucial.

Yet, there are many options available for you, and making a perfect choice is paramount.

To get acquainted with the complete network installation for your office, keep reading and you will make the right choice.

Why Do You Need a Complete Network Installation in Your Office?                                                                                                                                               As a business owner or office manager, your most crucial goal is to reduce costs and increase work productivity.

Here are the reasons why you should connect your office to a central network;

Easy Access to Share or Transfer Data Within the Network

It is easier to share or transfer data in a network system than separate computers or electronic devices. In a network system, computers connected can find documents in the file server which is accessible to everyone connected.

By this, an employee will not have to transfer files to another colleague by walking to his or her desk with a USB drive. This saves a lot of time.

Proper Management of Company Data                                                                                                                                                                                             The file server stores all the company data in a safer way, instead of staying on each employee’s computer. By this, the company’s data are more organized.  Modifications will occur in the file server in cases of alteration.

There will be no isolated backups of each file because it’s done by the system itself. Only authenticated persons can access directories with passwords.

The System Administrator can allow selected persons have access to certain files.

 Flexibility to Access Data                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Employees can change their workstation with ease and continue their work on another computer. The result of the job will be the same unaltered. Also, everyone connected to the network can see it. This is possible because the files are accessible on the file server.

Office Equipment Is Shared with Ease                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Instead of each employee having one printer, fax or scanner at his/her table, they can have a single one shared on the office network. This is more cost-effective than a single person using one printer, fax or scanner alone.

Save a Lot of Money with Individual Software Installation                                                                                                                                                                           

There are a ton of software’s utilized for networks which give more savings for your business. This is better than purchasing an individual license for each employee computer. All computers connected to the network upgrades directly from the server.

This will help save the time needed to upgrade one computer one after the other.

The Internet Is Shared Amongst All Staff

In a case where your office is small, a single internet connection can be used to power the whole network. This will help you save cost. There are devices used to broadcast the internet connection to many persons in the office.

By spending only a little buck, you will upgrade your business internet connection from a slow connection to a faster one. This will, in turn, increase productivity and speed of delivery.

Easy Communication

Without the internet, your employees can communicate with each other with the use of intranet connected via the network. They can send emails.

The benefits of using an office network installation can’t be overblown considering its vast benefits as seen above.

It is important to consider what it takes to set up a network in your office.

Three Stages You Must Consider Before You Start an Office Network Installation

The Right Planning

This stage is the most crucial stage to be considered when installing and using network solutions. Going from the connection type to the way it is used, it stands as a major element.

Having the right knowledge and best practices when installing a network will help save time when troubleshooting problems in the future. Planning saves cost.

The Physical Installation

A lot of thinking and planning goes into this stage. For the smooth operation of the network, it’s necessary that the right technology is delivered by the right hands. There are a ton of devices that are advertised with various features by different vendors in the market.

However, the major thing to consider is the connectivity between devices. This is known as the Topology. It is either wired or wireless. Here is a brief description of the Wired and Wireless Network Solutions.

Wired Network Solutions


High Speed


Troubleshooting is easy

Less Cost


They could be complex to install because of restrictions on the proposed building sometimes. Wired networks are most times installed where speed and consistency are crucial. Expanding the network range can prove problematic when locating the exact network cable in a conduit wiring.

A redundant system is always available in the network to aid in troubleshooting and expanding. This can serve as a waste of funds sometimes. Wired network is built to be static. The computers connected to the network are stationary and can’t be moved to alter the installation.

You must consider an Ethernet over Power when installing a wired network. This system utilizes the traditional copper wiring to link systems together in the office. When the network cable is connected to a long distance, it drops the speed’s quality.

Hence, distance should be considered when planning this kind of network.

Wireless Network Solutions


Location flexibility

Quick Installation

The major advantage of wireless network installations is the fact that it requires no physical connection. It comes handy for short-term network locations, like conference rooms. It is an effective network solution if it is well secured.

Although, some office structures resist wireless network solutions because of how they were built. This happens in cases where the wireless signals can’t penetrate the building walls. Moreover, it’s pertinent to test the wireless network in your office before installation.


There are a lot of Connectivity fluctuations

Troubleshooting can get difficult sometimes

Frequent speed drops

Maintenance is expensive

When installing an office network, it’s necessary to put into consideration the technology required to set up the whole system.

Technology Required

This describes the connectivity involved in setting up a network. It is necessary to do an assessment of the type of connection you require. Then, you need the technology that will connect everything. The things you will need to have a proper connectivity include:

The Router

There are two main types of routers. The one you use should be dependent on the type of internet you installed. If your internet connection is an ADSL, this means that your internet connection is supplied through phone lines.

You will need a router that has an added interface called a modem. If you use a cable connection that is usually installed with a Broadband supplier, you will need the router that subdivides and shares the internet with all the systems on your network.

This allows you share your connection with others in the office with a single connection.

The Network Switch

The network switch comes in different sizes like 4,8,16 etc. The device allows computers to connect to the network and share data with all the devices on the network. The size you require is dependent on the number of physical connections that are available for devices on your network.

It is important to note that printers, routers, and other switches should be considered when working out the number of ports you need.

There are three types of speed 1000 t-base, 100 t-base, and 10 t-base. The number relates to the speed of the data hence the higher the number, the greater the speed.

For the basic network, it is not so important to understand the way data moves. It is only necessary when you need to troubleshoot the network.

Print Server

The print server is a flexible device that eliminates the need for security issues and promotes reliability by allowing a non-network printer attach to your network without passing through a PC.

There are two types of print servers, the USB, and Parallel. They allow you to connect to the type of printer that you are using.

Ethernet over Power Adapters

These are adapters that allow connectivity between existing power cables installed in the building and computers. These adapters are best for areas with installation issues for traditional networking cables.

Due to the fact that it is a cable to cable connection, it has a high reliability. These adapters are also very fast. The adapters resemble an oversized plug with so many lights, three-pin plugs in front and a network port on the back.

Most times, one adapter is used at the switch end and they have the capability of supporting more adapters spread throughout the building. This helps subdivide the signal.

The Patch Cable

The patch cable network is a network cable that fits between a socket and a device. They are usually made up of a pair of plastic RJ45 plugs alongside CAT5e patch cable.

The patch cables have colored variants that make diagnosis easier if used correctly.

The Network Attached Storage

The network attached storage also known as N.A.S is any device that has hard drives for general sharing and printer connection through a USB. It is important to ensure that the NAS has a Gigabit adapter within it to increase its advantages.

The Wireless AccessPoint

A wireless access point is a good tool for working with laptops if it is properly configured. Because it is a wireless device, it allows laptops to be free from wires.

This system can be susceptible to building fabrication thereby weakening the signal. The system is flexible and best used in areas where cabling is not needed.


The devices on the network will need to communicate with each other once they are connected together. The standard network language used is called a TCP/IP protocol.

This protocol enables the networked devices to communicate via converting the data into an understandable language. This helps the data get transferred from one device to another with ease and speed. It slices every data inputted into bite-sized chunks. These chunks are known as packets.

In addition, the protocol has an address within it called an IP Address. The IP address is in form of a set of numbers, which is This number identifies every device on the network.  However, every device connected to the network has its own personal number on the network.

Similar to houses having their own unique address with postcode on a street, So it is with the devices on the network having their own unique IP address.  Every part of the IP address has a unique function. The first part of the IP address enables you to identify and distinguish the network.

For instance, the 192.168.1 is the network’s postcode and .1 represents the address of the unique device. Every device has its unique number.

The DHCP Versus Manual

DHCP is an acronym for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. It is also known as Automatic Address Allocation. It is a network unit that scans through the network to assign an address to every device on the network. It generates all the network address for you and assigns them in order of their connection.

In the case of manual assigning, as the name implies, you work out the addresses of every device and assign them manually. It is obvious that is more stressful to implement and consumes a lot of time. In addition, it involves a lot of documentation to repair the network fast.

However, it is easier to troubleshoot a network with the manual assigning system.  Off course, its key advantage is that the network is under a more firm control. You can only join a device to the network with the correct address. This is one reason the wireless network is well secured.

Other factors to Consider When Building Office Network Installation

You may improve your office network installation by addressing some inconspicuous issues that affect the use, maintenance and integration of your network.

These can be achieved by doing the following:-

First, consider the best way to handle your business information on the server. This can be done by; generating uniform naming conventions for every file on the server, setting rules for the creation of new folders and files.

Second, provide remote access for employees who travel more often or run operations from distant locations outside the office. In your network, you may have to build remote access capabilities. It is achieved via the use of remote dial-in or using a VPN to surf the internet securely.

Last but not the least; ensure your employees undergo the right training. This will enable them to take full advantage of the network’s function. This includes all its time saving and productivity efficient features.

More training time should be invested and adequate follow up sessions to address any challenge or concern ongoing by the staff.

Bottom Line

With this guide as a good starting point, it is important to recognize that every office is unique with its own topology requiring its specific solutions.

It all balls down to your needs and the network equipment that goes with your budget. Taking all into consideration, you must remember to scale as you grow your business. By making sure you make the most out of your office network installation.

Do you want to get more information about the subject? Or get a quote? Contact us today!





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What Wholesale Inventory Metrics Do You Need To Track?

In 2001, Bank of America made an effort to implement key metrics to monitor their performance system via an increased strategy. In two years, this implementation led to a 16 percent growth of their earnings per share.

Whether you are a small business owner or big wholesale distributor, the apt tracking and implementation of these key metrics applied in your wholesale inventory can yield the same increased profit and revenue for your business if done properly.

Keep reading to know what key inventory metrics to track in order to increase your business profits.

This inventory metrics are key indicators that help manage your stock. They also give key information that helps you know how your stock affects every part of your business operations.

This indicator is known as the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) which aids in benchmarking your business operations.

What is “KPI”?

These are measurable values used by small-scale and large wholesale distributors to evaluate the progress of an organization. It involves tracking and analyzing important factors that would lead to achieving organizational goals.

KPIs differ between various organizations as well as departmental levels in the organization. It helps you understand your key organizational objectives, the process of achieving them and those that can achieve them.

KPIs show how well an organization is performing. Once they have been identified they should be communicated to employees in various departments.

This gives them the knowledge of the major business metrics used to achieve organizational goals and what would produce a successful result against them.

KPIs are measured in many organizations using the reporting and business analytics tool. They have a function of collating data from operational systems and producing a report that analyses performance levels.

Reasons Why KPI as an Inventory Metrics is Essential For the Growth of Your Wholesale Distribution Business

There are various reasons why KPIs are essential for the growth of your wholesale distribution business such as:

Measuring your Target:

Most times individuals confuse KPIs as the goals and target of an organization, whereas they are Values used to measure the goals of an organization.

For example, if the goal of your wholesale business is to distribute a certain unit of products every day, your KPIs would show you if the target can be reached or not.

With your KPI which is revealed through your supply chain metrics, you are aware of the progress of your sales and why you have not been able to meet up with the set target.

This helps you identify what went wrong while set it right by implementing measures to meet up with organizational targets faster.


You would be running a huge risk of making the wrong decisions without the use of KPIs when running your wholesale distribution business.

For instance, wrong assumptions may be made about a particular employee’s performance because he/she resumes work late sometimes. A KPI may show that your assumption about that employee may be incorrect and the opposite may be the case.

When there is a quantifiable proof, you will not have a case of making risky decisions concerning the operations of your business.


KPI gives you a total analysis of how your wholesale distribution business is fairing.

In a very competitive market, the information provided about your business performance can have a crucial effect on beating your competitors.

KPIs provide you with real-time data that allows you make adjustments to your mode of operation to meet organizational goals.

Most organizations use KPIs to determine how they meet up with standards that are not related to the profit-making operations of the business.


To improve your company culture and performance, employee motivation is a very important factor.

It is quite difficult to motivate your employees when the organizational targets are met once in a while. When employees receive a positive report for meeting their KPIs it can be a motivating factor for them.

It gives them a sense of purpose, keeps them more focus toward achieving organizational goals and boosts their confidence.

The KPI is a good and impartial way to measure success in your business. That is we will covering the crucial KPIs your business will need to enhance Wholesale distribution.

What Are the Fundamental KPIs Your Business Needs To Boost Wholesale Distribution

If your intentions are to boost revenue, increase customer loyalty, and retain valuable customers, then you should pay close attention to key performance indicators (KPIs). Here is what you should track:

Carrying Costs of Inventory

This refers to the overall cost of holding inventory. This includes utilities, salaries, rent etc. The carrying cost is mostly represented as a percentage number. It gives you an idea of how long the inventory could be held before the company has a loss, and tells the manager how much to order.

Now you know what it means, you may wonder how important this is to wholesale distribution. The carrying cost assists you in the following ways:

It helps you to know how much profit can be made in the present inventory.

The carrying cost helps your business to find out if it is necessary to produce less or more in order to keep up with expenses or maintain the exact income stream.

It helps you know the how much it costs for your business to hold its stock for a particular period of time.

A reduction in carrying the cost of inventory signifies an increase in profit while an increase means a decrease in profit. Hence, to maximize profit you have to ensure there is a reduction in the carrying cost.

Carrying cost helps you sum up the opportunity cost, cost of handling items, cost of obsolescence and deterioration, and physical space the inventory occupies.

The Inventory Turnover

The inventory turnover is a ratio that shows you the number of times a company’s inventory is sold and replaced for a period of time. When you want to calculate the days it takes to sell the inventory at hand, simply divide the days in the period by the inventory turnover formula.

The inventory turnover helps you do the following:

It helps you measure business performance by showing you the speed at which your company can sell inventory.

It helps you know if your business costs are controlled or your sales efforts are effective.

Inventory turnover allows you to know if your business is managing its stocks properly.

It is important you note that a high ratio of the inventory turnover signifies large discounts or strong sales while a low ratio means weak sales and excess inventory.

To calculate the inventory turnover of your business, you divide the cost of goods sold by the average inventory for that same period.

Order Picking

This is a complex activity that involves collecting and taking articles in a specified quantity before shipment to customers.

Making use of the right warehouse racking and shelves will enable your worker’s separate products efficiently. This encourages more productivity in your business.

To calculate the accuracy of picking, you can use the total number of orders minus incorrect item returns divided by the total number of orders multiplied by 100. This gives you a percentage of orders that were correctly picked.

Fill Rate

Fill rate refers to the measure of the effectiveness of your inventory meeting demands. It is the percent of your orders that are shipped on time on the first shipment and in full.

The importance of fill rate includes:

It has an impact on your relationship with your customers. It affects if they trust you and if they choose to order from you over your competitors.

It helps you analyze stock-outs and know inventory availability based on promotions, sales line, and region.

You can determine the fill rate by dividing the product a supplier has provided by the total amount of work necessary.

The ideal fill rate depends on your approach to distribution. If your approach is focused on inventory, you will see a higher fill rate.

Backorder Ratio

A backorder is an order for a product that cannot be filled as a result of the unavailability of supply at the current time. The nature of backorder affects the time it takes for a customer to receive the product ordered.

If you see items consistently in your backorder, it signifies that your business is losing out on business by not providing products customers need.

The backorder ratio allows you avoid loss of market shares from the frustration of customers.

The backorder ratio is important for the analysis of inventory management.

The higher the backorder, the higher the demand for the item by customers. The backorder ratio is calculated by dividing orders unfulfilled at purchase time by total orders.

Contribution Margin

Contribution margin allows your business to know the profitability of each product.

This metric allows you evaluate different areas of the business to determine the service or product line to lay emphasis based on the highest margin.

It allows you make pricing decisions.

The higher the contribution margin, the higher the profitability of your company. The lower the contribution margin, the lower the profitability of your business.

Contribution margin is calculated by reducing sales price by the total variable cost.

Safety Stock Report

The safety stock report is the lowest amount of inventory that is regarded safe to have on hand before reordering.

Calculation of your safety report is solely dependent on your line of business. However, most businesses factor fill rate, average demand and an estimate of a fluctuation in demand.

Since you cannot predict the future, the safety stock report helps you prepare for the best or worst times.

Final Word

While every organization is peculiar in its own way, there should be no room for comparison.  That is the reason these wholesale inventory metrics exist to assist you in proper analysis of wholesale distribution operation.

Do you want to get started? Get a free demo today.



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What is the Best Bank of America Credit Cards?

In the United States, credit cards are used over 20 billion times in a year. This indicates a large number of credit cards users in the US.

However, with the above figure, it may seem like a struggle to choose the perfect credit card that best fit your financial needs.

But not anymore.

If you continue reading, you will get to learn of the best Bank of America credit cards you can invest in. So read on.

Choosing the Credit Card That Aligns Best with How You Spend                                                                                                                                          

There are a lot of options available to you when shopping for a Bank of America credit card. The new Bank of America cards cover an array of financial profiles.

Maintaining an account as an existing customer with the Bank of America will get you loads of benefits and rewards. They value customer relationship.

First, the Bank of America cash reward credit card. This card earns the number one spot because of some certain features.

 Cash Rewards Bank of America Credit Cards

First and foremost, who can use this card?

This credit card can be used by anyone who doesn’t want the problems of cashing back with annual fees.

The Bank of America cash reward credit card rewards you for any transaction you make daily. This is because you can earn percentage cash back benefits from certain transactions. For example; you get 2 percent cash back reward for your grocery and gas purchases. Also, you get 3 percent cash back reward from transactions made in a wholesale club.

The Bank of America provides its existing customers with rewards and benefits. If you hold a Bank of America savings account, you get a 10 percent cash back bonus on any redemption made into the same savings account.

Moreover, you increase your bonus from 25% to 75% if you are a preferred rewards client.

With no annual fee, you get a sign-up cash of $150 reward bonus once you have spent up to $500 on purchases within 90 days of account opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be worth it to build a relationship with a bank while you apply for a credit card?

Yes, it is! However, there are scenarios where banks don’t give bonuses on exclusive credit cards to customers that have an account with them, which includes Bank of America.

Please note that you only get cash back boost from purchasing gas and groceries. When the accumulated purchase for a quarter combined is $2500, you will earn your 1% cash back until the next quarter when it resets.

For a problem free reward earning system, all you need to do is set up redemption. This involves your cash back deposits going straight into your account, instantly you have a minimum balance of $25 needed to redeem.

For you to do this you must have a savings account with the Bank of America or qualified cash management accounts with Merrill Lynch wealth management or Merrill Edge. This way you would qualify for an addition of 10% customer bonus.

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card

This credit card is used by people who travel a lot. While they travel, they redeem their rewards by making travel-related purchases and transactions.

After answering the question of who can use this card we move to the features of the card and why we like it.

Using a Bank of America Travel Rewards credit card, you get 1.5 points per dollar of unlimited card purchases and end up not paying an annual fee.

After spending at least $1000 on transactions within 90 days of opening the account, you can get a bonus of $20,000.

As far as your sign-up bonuses go, what takes the spotlight with the Bank of America travel reward card is, it allows you to apply your points to any qualified travel you book as a statement credit.

This credit card would also work for individuals who love hunting for deals but are not dedicated to a single hotel or airline brand.

You would possibly get a greater return on your purchases if you frequently patronize a particular hotel or airline that has its co-branded credit card. You should reach the minimum margin of 2,500 points or $25 before you can redeem your points.

If you are a customer with the Bank of America, you must ensure to redeem your points to your account. This will give you an Extra customer bonus. You can automatically turn on redemption to make it simple for you.

BankAmericard Travel Rewards for Students

The Bank of America makes provision for students that have no credit history. You can get a credit card for students which is like the BankAmricard Travel Rewards.

The BankAmricard Travel Rewards for students offer same services as the BankAmericard Travel Rewards Credit Card. This card gives a high cash back reward to students except you drive to school and buy gas.

This card is also a very good option for students that study abroad. It doesn’t have any foreign transaction fee. This means you can pay for all expenses during your travel.

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card

The Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card can be used by frequent flyers that use Alaska airlines. It can also be used by those who fly with Virgin America or their partners earning miles from their purchase.

This credit card can be used by individuals that want to earn a sign-up bonus when traveling. The travel bonus comes strictly without spending thousands.

The credit card can be very useful to individuals who travel with friends or family members. It offers them with an annual Alaska’s Famous Companion FareTM.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose between a general travel card and an airline card?

You have to think about how much money you spend on travel. Then give a full attention to how often you travel with a particular airline.

If you are an individual that travels with different airlines, and you are not devoted to a specific airline, then a general travel card (like the Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card) would be best for you.

You will get three miles for every dollar spent with Alaska and Virgin America airlines. This is a very interesting offer, but this card comes with features that aren’t seen with co-branded airline cards.

They come with an annual companion fee that starts at $121 for your account anniversary every year. The companion fee is enumerated at $99 base fare in addition to tax fees from $22.

It is important to know that all deals are only available to the Visa Signature Credit Card. The companion fare is unavailable if you don’t get approved for the card.

Redemption of your companion fare can be done on any booked flight on without blackout dates.

You can travel with your friends and family on any flight. But the fare can’t be purchased from your Alaska miles.

The reward differs depending on which of the cards get approved. Which are the Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus credit card or the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card?

There are factors that qualify you for one of the cards such as your creditworthiness and your income.

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card comes with great benefits. These benefits include a higher companion fare and sign up bonus, but a high annual fee of $75 applies when compared to the Platinum Plus card of $50.

With a credit limit of $5,000, you will be approved and receive the Visa Signature card.

If you are approved for the Visa Signature card, endeavor to make use of every companion fare annually gotten during the account anniversary. This could give you a lot of value to counter the fee paid annually.

If your ticket costs $200 or $500 you would still be required to pay you an annual fee of $121

Bank Americard Rewards Work

This card is used by individuals who want rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards, cash-backs, and travel experiences. The credit card reward system of Bank of America is managed by the Bank Americard Rewards portal.

Bank of America gives you a range of one to three points per dollar when you make transactions. Bonus points may be offered in categories such as travel, groceries or gas depending on the card that is used.

Ensure to check the specific card for the terms and conditions.

Use your points to cash back rewards as a cardholder. This will give you a worth of 1cent each. If you qualify for preferred rewards you will get more.

There are premium airs and co-branded cards that issue travel rewards as a credit statement for 1 cent per point. There are benefits for redeeming special events and gift cards. With 2500 points, you can redeem points in your account.

To increase your cash back redemption, you have to join in the preferred Rewards program of the Bank of America.

This reward assigns customers to reward bonuses of 25, 50 or 75 percent based on the total amount in your Bank of America account.

For instance, if you have an average of over $100,000, It will give you a 75 % bonus reward when redeeming your cash back into your Bank of America savings account. This is possible if you meet the requirement for your 75% bonus reward.

There is an increase to $175 for cash back rewards of $100.

BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards

The BankAmericard Better Balance reward is best for anyone struggling to pay down the debt on their credit card. Your aim should be paying and reducing the interest charges if you carry a balance every month.

Deferring interest payments can help save money most times. It outweighs any reward that you may get.

This credit card is distinct from various other transfer credit cards because it provides rewards to its users. In every quarter, the payment made is usually higher than the lowest amount owed every month.

There is a maximum of $100 dollars pay-out every year. This translates to 25 percent bonus that you receive. You get $5 every quarter if you have a savings account with Bank of America.

As a credit card holder, your quarterly rewards apply as the balances you transfer to it are not limited. This is a feature that distinguishes the Bank Americard better balance rewards from other cards.

The Asiana Airlines Credit Card

The Asiana Airlines services have about nine airports in the United States. It is owned by the world’s biggest airline partnership Known as Star Alliance.

This card has a great reward rate when used by individuals to shop with a co-branded airline. When using the card, all purchases are charged at a subpar rate.

The Asiana Airlines credit card provides a very good gas and grocery purchase rate for its cardholders.

The card gives a reward rate of 2.8 percent on both gas and grocery purchases. Asiana purchases provide you a rate of 4.2 percent and a 1.4 percent for every other transaction made.

As a card member, you are entitled to use miles earned through this card. The miles can be used to book a 27 member flight which includes united airlines, Lufthansa and Air Canada.

This card gives its cardholders yearly bonuses. The bonuses consist of a bonus certificate with 10,000 worth miles, 2 lounge invitations at Asiana Airlines and an automatic rebate on Asiana Airlines tickets worth $100.

As a cardholder, you would be required to make an annual fee payment of $99.

Wrapping Up

Bank of America Credit Cards offers a ton of options for every customer and gives solid customer relationships.

Most of the cards discussed here offer an additional bonus for customers with a checking or savings account with Bank of America. This makes it desirable to have one of these cards as an existing customer.

If you need more information about Bank of America credit card services, contact us today.



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7 Tips for Using a 3D Visualizer to Sell Your Home in a Tight Market

Are you a real estate developer, realtor or real estate broker struggling to make sales in a very tight market?  Before you continue spending resources on a rather unfruitful sale, have a look at this.

According to a survey, 54 percent of home buyers in the US will not look at a property unless it has virtual images.

This implies that you will be losing almost half of your potential customers if your properties have no virtual images. Therefore, to get potential buyers flocking to your properties with offers, you will need to use a 3D visualizer to sell your properties.


If you want to know the best ways to use a 3d visualizer to sell your property in a tight market, keep reading. You’ll learn of the 7 best tips.

What Is a 3D Visualizer?

A 3D visualizer is a 3D application used to produce graphical realistic content. This technology has become mainstream for the last few decades. It has also advanced into one of the most viable options for producing 3D digital content, in high-quality.

Now, of what benefit is a 3D visualizer to you? You’ll learn about that next.

The Benefits of Using 3D Visualizer to Sell Your Home in a Tight Market

The benefits of a 3D visualizer are numerous. Here are a few you’ll enjoy.

You’ll Stand Out from the Crowd

While others are trying to impress with photos, the virtual 3D tour will help you win more clients and give you an edge. This is possible because the 3D visualizers give an immersive experience to the clients.

This is unlike the 2D experience of normal photos.

Advertisements on 3D Visualizers Are More Appealing

When you advertise a property to a client using 3D visualizer, it is much more appealing. It gives the client full understanding of how it will feel to live in the place.

This is because the 3D visualizers show what it feels like to live in the interior design, have coffee on the balcony and watch the kids play.

This is even more engaging than staring at photos.

The 3D Visualizer Helps the Client See the Outcome from the Beginning

The 3D visualizer helps clients see what they want out of the house from the very beginning. This, however, needs scheduling meetings and working with targeted customers.

On the flip side, you save a lot of time. This is because, during meetings, you’ll only have to feed the requirement of the client to the application and show him/her, in real time, the end result.

You Can Show Properties to Potential Clients All Over the World

These days, a lot of good properties are marketed internationally through the social media platform. The idea behind this is to reach potential customers all over the world.

However, it is difficult for clients abroad to visit the property. Due to this constraint, they choose not to participate in bidding for the property.

In contrast, the 3D visualizer helps them come to a purchase conclusion without the need to visit the property.

This practically saves cost. Even if the client decides to travel, they will be sure it is worth the journey.

It Increases Sales Speed

3D visualizers can show properties that have not been constructed yet. Even better, unfinished properties can still be sold using this technology. As a result, the realtor can sell the property regardless of how it looks presently.

This is because the 3D visuals enable you to inspire your client, showing them what the house could be. Thus, they can make a purchase decision based on what the completed or renovated house will turn out to be.

The 7 Key Tips You Can Use to Sell Your Home Using a 3D Visualizer

In as much as you know the benefits of using this technology, it is important that you understand how to use it. Thus, below are 7 key tips you can use to make huge sales with this tech.

Get the Right Hands to Get the Job Done

Employ the service of top architectural designers that work with the best available technology to give you a solid 3d design.  They must be able to understand what you are trying to achieve and project it in the best way possible.

Also, the designers should be able to tell an interesting story of the property, using the 3d visualized design. They are many competitors in the market and one way to captivate your potential customers is getting them on your hook.

One last thing, ask the company to show you their portfolio. With this, you will be able to see their past jobs and ultimately judge their level of experience.

Create a Virtual Tour of the Neighborhood

It is not enough to just create a 3D virtual tour of your property alone.  You must consider the fact that the potential buyers will also want to have a feel for the neighborhood.

Potential buyers will like to know if it’s a quiet or bustling environment if there are shopping centers, gas stations, and dining places nearby. Alternatively, they may want to know if the area is secure, and what kinds of schools are available there.

Make sure all this is covered in your 3D virtual tour.

Finalize the Design Fast

Showing the client, a 3d visualization of the proposed property before it’s built will make them feel they were involved in finalizing the design of the property.

This, in turn, will aid the client to generate a sort of emotion for the property leading to a possible sale conversion.

However, you should act fast to ensure the design shown is completed in time.

Make Use of Attractive 3D Hand-Out Materials

Create printed 3D materials with the help of 3d Modeling Services. These can be brochures or 3D catalogs.

You can then give your 3D brochures and Catalogues to potential home buyers in targeted places. Moreover, it’s affordable and faster to get 3D model materials sent to the customer.

Also, you can register for real estate exhibitions where potential buyers attend. At these events, you can display your properties at your 3d Exhibition stand.

This stand works miracles. One, they are stylish and leave an impression on potential buyers. They will also convey your properties better to a larger audience.

Publicize on Social Media

 66 percent of first time home buyers are Millennials and 99 percent of this number uses the internet to find properties.  As a matter of fact, most of these Millennials go beyond using Google keywords to search for properties.

They use social media. This is in form of property related posts and hashtags.

YouTube is another platform used by many Millennials to discover new properties. As a matter of fact, 86 percent of potential home buyers use YouTube videos to learn about a new location they are relocating to.

Thus, it’s crucial for real estate practitioners to stay active on social media in order to foster interest in newly listed properties.

Replace Still Images with 3D Virtual Tour on Your Company Website

Why not use the good old photos?

Yes, they worked before. But 3D virtual tours have grown to be a novelty.  These Virtual tours can represent your properties in different styles and colors. Thus, they can be customized for the potential buyers.

Also, 3D tours are way more affordable than physical tours. Many people comb through the internet to find nice pictures of houses they hope to buy, and then incur costs of visiting the property in person before making a purchasing decision.

Instead of this hassle, you can stand out with a 3D visualized tour on your website.

This will give them a unique feeling of being on your property already, which may lead to a sale conversion.

Sell Your Pre-Sale Homes Fast with an Initial Down Payment

Most times, pre-sale homes are cheaper than properties ready to be occupied. However, many potential buyers go for the latter. This is because; they are more comfortable buying properties they can see in reality, than what they only see in still pictures.

The technology of the 3d Visualizer, however, creates an actual representation of your property. More so, the technology aids to highlight the best features of the property. Your potential buyers will thus have a view of the best outcome of the property, even before it’s completed.

With this, the client will be willing to purchase with an initial down payment.

Wrapping Up

The 3D visualizer is no doubt the future of the Real Estate Market. They get you better deals, attract new customers, expose you internationally, speed up workflow.

Above all, they save you money.

For more information about 3D visualizers, or for any inquiry, contact us today.




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6 Important AEC Industry Trends in Technology

In 2016, the top 15 AEC companies made a total revenue of $125 Billion. This was more than the $100 Billion govtech budget for that year.

Meanwhile, the construction industry worldwide is projected to grow to a whopping US$10.3 trillion in 2020. This is an increase from US$7.4 trillion in 2010.

What does this mean?

This means that the construction industry has been growing at a stable speed. And for you to be part of this growth, you need to be in touch with the latest AEC industry trends in technology.

Are you willing to know the newest AEC industry trends in technology today? Stay hooked here. You will get all the information you need.

Why Do the AEC Industry Trends in Technology Matter?

Technology has swept through every sector and the AEC industry is not left out. These trends are a major contributor to the growth of the AEC Industry.

For instance, drone technology has evolved how the construction site is managed and presented. Virtual reality, on the other hand, has changed how we view the construction site and manage its development.

All these pieces of technology effectively make construction cost-effective and easy to manage.

What are these trends you ask?

Keep reading. You will know the 6 important AEC industry trends in technology today.

Increased Influence of Building Information Modeling

An estimated 78% of manufacturers believe BIM is the future of project management. This is because the Building Information Modeling has influenced the AEC industry landscape. As a matter of fact, a large number of firms have saved a lot of money by adopting this technology.

BIM is seen as the common language shared between the software of all firms working on a single project. Hitherto, AEC firms participating in large projects brought their own unique software to the table.

If you have ever used the Google translate platform texting back and forth, you can attest that a lot is lost in translation.

It was thus no surprise when a 2004 study by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology estimated that US$15.8 Billion a year was lost in the construction sector of US alone. This occurred due to poor paper-based processes and software interchangeability.

BIM solves these trivial issues by producing a central data model that is shared by all projects and software packages.

This is achieved by taking out manual data re-entry and ensuring that a stable view of documentation is held by all parties throughout the whole project.

Up to date, BIM has been accepted by many AEC firms across the globe.  However, BIM is not yet mandatory in some country government projects. Hence, it is certain that the pace behind the technology will continue to speed up.

Geometrical Growth of Cloud Technology

The geometric growth of the cloud technology services stands as a key influencing factor for the AEC industry. It has helped to reduce software and infrastructure expenses while unlocking new areas of invention.

While cloud technology has been accepted by many industries globally, the pace of innovation in AEC has been moving gradually. This may be as a result of the traditional software adopted by AEC firms in the past. The providers still offer only physically installed software such as CAD.

On the other hand, the slower pace of adoption has been attributed to the higher complexity of cloud applications. This had made it slower for organizations to adapt to the cloud.

Presently, the situation is changing.

Innovative companies such as On Shape, the world’s first Cloud CAD technology, are channeling this new guard. By eliminating the need to be installed physically, these solutions can be installed with higher speed and lower cost.

However, the main game changer for architecture, construction, and engineering is the ability of these solutions to handshake each other in communication. More construction projects can be coordinated effectively compared to their physically installed counterparts.

Also, most of the cloud services have user interfaces that allow easier connection and information sharing between services. Information sharing and efficiency in AEC will revolutionize the growth and adoption of the industry.

Modularization Is the New Black

Modular buildings are becoming more popular. In the future, they’ll be the mainstream way to construct a building structure. These modular buildings look so much like the traditionally-built buildings. This is to the extent that you hardly noticed the modularity of the buildings.

These buildings are popular among firms with tight budgets that can’t afford a brand new customized building but need more space.

For instance, in a case where a school intends to expand their education facilities on a low budget within a short time, a modular construction is the perfect way to get the project done.

A Rise in the Use of Drones

The rise of drones has been described as one of the biggest AEC industry trends.  Yet, they started off as a mere gimmick.

Drones are used for progress reporting, health, and safety inspections on construction sites. It captures accurate data across large locations in a short time. It aids in accessing potentially hazardous zones thereby keeping surveyors save.

3D Modeling and Printing Technology

In the AEC industry, 3D printing and modeling represent two different opportunities. As technology advanced, the cost of 3D modeling software met the capabilities of a regular computer.

The increasing ease of use of 3D modeling software will continue to increase the momentum behind the use of 3D in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Today, software such as AutoCAD’s Revit enables project teams to visualize a full structure in 3D space compared to the archaic 2D models used in the past.

The advantage of the combination of BIM with 3D becomes clear when a structural engineer is able to see if the steel beam specified is properly connected to other structural utilities like air conditioning.

Because of this shared system, the engineer can see elements that may have been hard to identify in a 2D model.

The 3D printing is a natural extension of the 3D modeling. It involves the production of a 3D physical model from a digital file.

It is accomplished by laying down thin layers of material in a succession. Currently, it is limited to plastics and some metals.

In AEC, an example of its applications involves rapid prototyping of architectural or mechanical elements. It allows teams to produce their digital projects in a physical form. By this, they will be able to determine what does not work and what works via the look and feel.

Virtual Reality

The use of virtual reality in the AEC industry is steadily progressing. It has moved from a mere gimmick into a tool that is valuable for project teams.

The VR provides an immersive environment.  It also creates realistic 360 rotations which share the progress reports of a project via a mobile device.

It also reduces the cost of built mock-ups. One key function is its ability to save the time spent going to the site for minor issues.

Final Thoughts

The AEC industry is advancing rather fast with the advent of technology.  However, these AEC industry trends won’t need so much time before they advance further to greater technology.

It is thus wise for every stakeholder in the industry to adapt to these trends to avoid being left out.

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Common Symptoms of a Cummins ECM Failure

Over 5,500 Cummins engines were recalled by the manufacturers in 2016 due to a short circuit in the Engine Control Module. This short circuit led to a blown fuse, which resulted in the engine stalling.

If you are facing issues with your Cummins engine, it is very possible that the ECM has developed a fault. But the problem is, most times, you may not know if the Engine Control Module is faulty.

However, that’s about to change.

If you are not sure if the problem is from the Cummins ECM, keep reading. You will know the symptoms to look out for when you have an ECM failure.

What Is an ECM?

The ECM is the engine control module. It is also known as the engine control unit, ECU. It is referred to as the brain of the engine management system. It is responsible for controlling the ignition timing, fuel mixture, variable cam timing, and emissions control.

This device monitors emissions performance constantly through the Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) programming. The ECM also oversees the operation of the engine cooling fan, charging system, and the fuel pump.

Additionally, the engine control module interacts with the stability control system, transmission controller, climate control module, body control module, and anti-theft system.

How does it do all this?

The engine control module controls series of actuators present on the internal combustion engine to ensure the engine performance is at its best. It does this by reading values from so many sensors in the engine bay.

It then interprets data with the lookup tables or multidimensional performance maps and adjusts the engine actuators.

How Does The ECM Work?

Before you are able to diagnose a faulty ECM, you need to know the jobs it’s supposed to do. Here’s a list of them.

Controls the Air-Fuel Ratio

The engine control module determines the amount of fuel that needs to be injected based on a number of sensor readings.

The ECM is notified by oxygen sensors if the engine is running lean (little fuel and too much oxygen) or rich (so much fuel and less oxygen).

The throttle position sensors are responsible for telling the ECU how open the throttle plate is when the accelerator is pressed.

The engine coolant temperature sensor, on the other hand, helps measure the temperature of the engine. This sensor helps the ECM determine if more fuel will be injected or not.

Controls Idle Speed

The idle speed control is in the engine control module. The engine revolution per minute is monitored by the crankshaft position sensor. This plays a role in the engine timing functions for spark events, valve timing, and fuel injection.

The idle speed is controlled by a throttle stop that is programmable. This gives cruise control functions and limitation of top speed. It also monitors the ECM for reliability.

Variable Valve Timing Control

The ECM controls the time in the engine cycle when the valves open. The valves usually open early when the speed is high and late when the speed is low.

This helps increase air flow into the cylinder thereby increasing fuel and power economy.

Electronic Valve Control

The ECM operates the hydraulic pumps that open the valves. The valves can open so many times per stroke intake based on engine load.

The ECU decides the amount of fuel that should be injected in order to optimize combustion. When conditions are right the valve opens, fuel is injected, and the valve closes.

If there is a sudden increase in throttle, the valve opens up in the same stroke intake and a greater amount of fuel is injected. This permits immediate acceleration.

For the next stroke, the engine control module calculates the engine load at the new higher revolution per minute and decides to open the valve late or early, half-open or wide-open.

Common Reasons for Failure in Cummins ECM

If your ECM fails, or you suspect it has failed, these are the common areas you should have a look at.

The Fuel Solenoid

The electronic fuel solenoid is the valve via which fuel passes through. It is located at the top of the fuel pump.

This part could be one of the reasons for an ECM failure.

This is because the solenoid is capable of causing a short in the ECM due to corrosion in the wires that run from the solenoid to the ECM harness.

If you realize your truck runs fine until you shut your engine off and it refuses to restart, this could be an indication that the ECM has been short out by the fuel solenoid.

Moisture and Corrosion

Damage as a result of moisture or corrosion is one of the reasons for ECM failure. As a matter of fact, it should not be overlooked.

This is because moisture can enter as a result of a failure in the seals of the ECM itself. With the entry of moisture, corrosion is bound to occur especially at the wiring.

This does not happen in a day. It happens over a period of 5 to 10 years due to the ECM’s exposure to the elements.

Dead Cell Batteries

There are cases where batteries are left in the rig long after a cell has died. This affects the grounding in the battery. These dead cells can result in the failure of the ECM.


When you replace your starters with a wrong one, it could be the beginning of a new and big problem with the ECM.


So many starter rebuilders usually bypass the override sensor in the starter.

The override sensor is responsible for regulating the voltage that goes to the ECM. In a situation where the override sensor is bypassed, voltage problems in the ECM will develop.

This voltage can cause generation of faulty codes or other problems. In this scenario, you can only assume that the starter is the root cause of ECM failure if the problem starts after installing a new one.

Sensor Wiring Harness

One of the things that can result in ECM failure is the sensor wiring harness.

When there is a break in the internal wiring in the harness, or corrosion, a short develops.

Grounding Issues

One of the problems that result in the failure of the ECM is grounding issues. This occurs when there is corroded or lose ground wires connected to the battery or the frame of the battery.

Lightning and Welding

When lightning strikes the ECM, it can fry off. Also, when an arc welding is done on the frame of the ECM, it can result in a failure of the ECM.

This is a rare case.

Jump Start

If you jump-started your car and the cables that were connected to carry out the procedure were not done well, a spike can be induced in the ECM.

A bad jump start can also blow out 2 fuses located between the firewall and ECM. This contributes a lot to the failure of the ECM.

Symptoms of ECM Failure

How would you know your ECM is failing?

Here are the common Symptoms of a Cummins ECU failure you should watch out for.

Engine Misfiring and Stalling

If your Cummins engine starts stalling or misfiring, then this might be an indication of a faulty ECM. This is because the engine firing and timing is controlled by the ECM. Thus such erratic behavior may be a sign of a fault.

Issues with the Engine Performance

If your engine starts developing some performance issues, then this may be a sign of ECM failure.


The fuel and time settings are usually thrown off at this stage. This affects the engine performance negatively.

Most times, the truck experiences a drastic reduction in its power, acceleration, and an increase in fuel consumption.

The Cummins Engine Won’t Start

In cases where the Cummins truck clearly refuses to start or run, it may mean that the ECM has completely failed.


The engine will not be able to start without the vital inputs from the computer. This is despite it cranking.

They are so many issues that can lead to this symptom. It’s thus best that you get a professional to check it out for you.

Check Engine Light Comes on Frequently

Seeing the “Check Engine Light” often on the vehicle dashboard is one possible symptom of an ECM failure.

The “Check Engine Light” frequently comes on when the vehicle system detects an issue with any of its circuits or sensors.

However, there are situations, where the ECM shows a “Check Engine Light” when there is no problem. Diagnosing the vehicle with a scanner for trouble codes can show if the problem is coming from the ECM or any part of the vehicle.

Your Cummins Truck Runs Well Only When Hot or Cold

If you discover that your Cummins truck accelerates fine when it is very cold or hot, try replacing the cam sensor first. If it persists, try wiping the ECM connectors clean.

If it still proves abortive, it is a bad symptom. This means your ECM is about to fail.

You have to replace your ECM at this point. Yet, most times, this failure may be as a result of corrosion and wiring issues.

Your ECM Has Aged

In the long run, even the best-built Cummins ECM will fail as result of old age. There will be cases where your EP lights don’t cycle and your engine doesn’t start when you turn your key ignition.

If you tend to see this often, then you are observing the last days of your Engine Control Module’s lifespan. It’s time to buy a new one.

Experiencing Some Sort of Friction During Transmission                                                                    If you experience any form of friction when shifting gears during your transmission, it easy to conclude that the transmission has issues.

Hence, you try servicing the vehicle transmission but the issue persists. However, in some cases, the ECM failure could lead to this sign. This is especially the case where the ECM is also responsible for managing the car’s transmission.

Water Damage or Fire Damage on the ECU

If you are having suspicions about your ECU, this is one way to confirm if it is in a good state or not. Open your ECU cover case and look for any form of fire damage or water damage on the panel.

If you see fire damage on the circuit or some form of corrosion caused by water, then your ECU needs to be replaced.

Overheating ECU

This is a symptom that can be noticed when the ECU is removed from its seating in the engine. If your ECU undergoes any form of overheating while you are driving, it is a clear sign that it’s about to fail.

ECU Has Broken Pins

In addition to the overheating, broken pins can act as a confirmation of ECM failure.

What to Do If Your ECM Fails

Since the ECM plays such an important role in the working performance of your vehicle, any problem that arises can be fatal to the engine. Thus, the Cummins trucks produced these days are highly computerized, sophisticated, and complex.

This is in an effort to ensure the ECM is robust.

Thus, diagnosing and troubleshooting these ECMs has become more difficult.

For this reason, if you have any suspicions about your ECM, it is better you leave it to experienced professionals. Detecting the problem early can save you a lot of time and money.

What about the costs?

Replacing a faulty ECM can be expensive. Nevertheless, it can be reprogrammed or fixed in some cases. This can help you save the expense of replacing the entire part.

It is vital to note that most of these symptoms of ECM failure can be signs of other system failures, or even problems with your Cummins truck.

Bottom Line

If you desire a high-performance vehicle all the time, then you have to invest in your Cummins ECM. Remember, it is the brain behind the engine management that makes your vehicle obey your every command.

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9 Things That a Cummins ECM Controls

The Electronic Control Module in Automobiles is growing across the world at a rapid pace with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6 percent. Two main factors drive the ECM market. They are emission control and more awareness of fuel efficiency.

These two factors are a few compared to the various factors driven by the Cummins ECU. There are many things a Cummins ECM controls in your diesel engine vehicle.

Do you know the ECM is the brain of your Cummins diesel engine? You may say, but what exactly does it control?

Keep reading to know about the 9 functions of a Cummins ECM in your diesel engine.

What Is ECM?

ECM stands for engine control module. It is an embedded system in automotive electronics. It controls one or more of the electrical systems in a vehicle.

The development of a Cummins ECU involves software and hardware. This is required to carry out functions expected from a specific module.

The ECM helps control emissions, variable cam timing, fuel mixture and ignition timing. It monitors the emissions performance from the On-board Diagnostics (OBD) frequently.

It interacts with the transmission controller, and also oversees the operation of the engine cooling fan, fuel pump and charging system.

You can imagine your Cummins ECM as the brain that has the ability to feel problems through its nerve-like sensors and wires.

The sensors are made to produce a particular range of voltage that changes in the presence of an electromagnetic field, temperature or pressure.

Each sensor present, feeds into a pin on the ECM with a single signal circuit. The ECM powers the sensor either with a sensor supply or sensor return circuit.

The ECM then monitors the signal wire of the sensor by monitoring the voltage range sent back by the sensor. If the voltage is too high or too low, the ECM will alert you by turning on the warning light.

Now you have an idea of what the Cummins ECM is, it is important you know the nine things it controls.

9 Things the Cummins ECM controls in Your Diesel Vehicle

The nine things the Cummins ECM controls in your diesel vehicle include the following:

The Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

It is necessary a vehicle maintains a particular temperature to function adequately. If your vehicle is too hot, the head gasket may leak. If it is too cold, the vehicle will consume so much fuel.

For the vehicle to maintain the temperature suitable for the engine to function properly, it uses a coolant. A coolant is a liquid used in the radiator of the vehicle to maintain temperature.

The engine coolant temperature sensor carries out the function of telling the Cummins ECU or ECM the current temperature of the vehicle.

If the temperature of the coolant ranges between 75 to 95 degrees, the ECM tells the radiator fan to come on and cool down the liquid.

The Air Temperature Sensor

The air temperature sensor informs the ECM about the temperature of the air that goes into the engine. If the air is cool, the performance of the engine will be good.

The Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

This sensor, measures the ambient air pressure. When it does this, it tells the Electronic Module Unit the current altitude of the vehicle.

For instance, if you are driving in the mountains your vehicle will need less fuel. This is because the atmosphere has less oxygen. Thus, there is less oxygen in the engine cylinder as well.

When this happens, the manifold absolute pressure sensor identifies the vacuum pressure created in the intake manifold of the vehicle. Then proceeds to send the engine load information to the ECM.

The ECM then adjusts the fuel injectors pulse width accordingly.

The Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor helps measure the volume of air entering the engine. The sensor consists of heated sensing elements.

It is important that the temperature of this element is kept constant.

The mass air flow sensor helps produce more current to ensure the temperature is at the required level. The mass air flow sensor has a small computer in it that aids the calculation of internal current flow to heat the element.

Using this figure, the mass air flow sensor can calculate the volume of air going to the engine, temperature and air density.

The ECM uses this information from the mass air flow sensor to adjust the injector pulse width and ignition timing.

The Idle Air Controller

The function of the idle air controller is to keep the revolution per minute of the engine steady. The idle air controller works on the command of the ECM but does not supply readings to the ECM diesel engine. Hence, it is an actuator.

The idle air controller has two coolant pipes that are connected to the housing. A piece of the idle air controller is called a magnetic equator. It is responsible for rotation of the valve shaft. This allows it to close and open as required by the engine control module.

When you start your car, the idle air controller increases the revolution per minute until the coolant temperature sensor informs the ECU that the temperature of the engine is up to specification.

Then revolution per minute falls to remain steady. If there is extra load on the engine, the idle air controller adjusts and makes up for the load applied.

The Throttle Position Sensor

This sensor links the accelerator pedal to the throttle body. The throttle position sensor informs the ECM that the driver is pressing the accelerator pedal.

Then the ECM confirms the information gotten from the throttle position sensor with the manifold absolute pressure sensor or mass air flow sensor. This causes an increase in the injector pulse width and ignition timing.

The Knock Sensor

The knock sensor has a piezoelectric crystal in it. This crystal helps detect mechanical stress. It also produces a voltage when the car knocks.

If there is heavy acceleration, the knock sensor sends a signal to the ECM. The ECM in turn retards the ignition timing to make up for the knocking. This in effect, protects the rings and piston from damage.

The Camshaft Position Sensor

This sensor is electromagnetic. It also produces a voltage when a metallic object moves past it.

The camshaft position sensor is responsible for informing the ECM about the current position of the camshaft. With this information the ECM calculates which valve is opened. When this is determined, the ECM throws fuel through the injector into that cylinder.

The Crankshaft Sensor

The crankshaft sensor tells the ECM where the crankshaft and the revolution per minute of the engine are located.

This information helps the ECM know where the pistons in the cylinders are located. The ECM uses the readings from the crankshaft sensor and camshaft sensor to know the exact injector that needs activation.

The synchronization of the crankshaft and camshaft is known as engine timing. This is also the key to engine performance. With the correct timing, you can be sure that the spark and fuel will be delivered at the right time.

Now you have seen the 9 functions of the ECM diesel engine, we shall discuss about the Controller Area Network.

Controller Area Network

It is a digital computer network that exchanges data with various ECU nodes in the vehicle. The ECU node controls the data input and output. It also interfaces with the electric and mechanical components of the Cummins vehicle.

Inputs like coolant temperature, air flow, acceleration position and ambient temperature are processed and become activated as ignition timing, turbo boost, fuel injection, etc. The Control Area Network generates a consistent feedback mechanism.

In 1983, Robert Bosch GmbH first introduced the Controller Area. Each Control Area Network node is made up of a controller, a transceiver, and a microcontroller.

The Control Area Network is a message-based protocol that makes use of an 11-bit identifier which is the standard format. It also utilizes a 29-bit identifier with an extended format of 18 extra bits.

The firmware of the Control Area Network can be modified and tweaked with software coding command. In the Ethernet protocol of your Cummins engine system, the Control Area Network uses an arbitration process to control traffic of data.

Wrapping Up

Having a complete control over your Cummins vehicle will let you get the best performance from it. With your Cummins vehicle running at its best your driving experience will improve. It will make you look forward to hitting the road every day.

With a sound Cummins ECM in your diesel engine, you will always enjoy the ease of control.  If you want to get a premium-quality Electronic Control Unit for your diesel engine, contact us today.





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10 Cars No One Wants To Buy Because Of Their Reputation and 15 Everyone Is Emptying Their Bank Accounts For

Smart phones and cars are quite similar in nature. The manufacturers release a new model every year which attracts the attention of new buyers. After some time, a new model is released and the previous one becomes out-dated.

Cars with a poor reputation are usually the cause of complaints for many car dealers. Most times they struggle to sell them and even lack the available space for new cars.

Another way a car is rapidly swept aside is when a new car is released with so much hype and fails to meet the expectations of the buyers. At first, everyone gets excited about the car’s release, suddenly there’s a sharp decline in sales because of its bad reputation. At the end of it all, the car enters the hall of shame and abandonment.

In some cases, the financial state of an economy could critically affect car sales. People may avoid buying cars that are expensive to maintain, because of the financial constraint, thus the vehicles with less recognized names are left without any buyers.

Apparently, these cars just sit idle at car lots covered up with dust wishing for a buyer to buy them in “a blue moon.”

However, there are some cars that don’t last in car lots. These cars are known, loved and wanted by everyone not minding their price. These particular cars have grown to have a good reputation amongst the public. Most buyers will not mind emptying their bank accounts for them.

It’s the joy of every car dealer to have such cars in their car lot, even if they are not kept in stock.

In this article, we will be showing you a list of 10 cars no one wants to have and 15 people are willing to empty their bank accounts for.

10 Cars No One Wants To Buy Because Of Their Reputation

Honda Insight

When this car was released in 2009, it bragged that it was cheaper than the Toyota Prius car. In fact, the Honda Insight car was slightly cheaper than the Toyota Prius, but it was way much smaller and less efficient than the Toyota Prius. Also, it had a relatively low 107 horsepower compared to the Prius with 121horespower.

Thus, most people subscribed to buying the Priuses.

Things went really bad for the Honda Insight cars, as many people just saw the Honda insight as another mimicked-one that was DOA, dead on arrival. Obviously, the sales of the car dropped geometrically.

When the 2012 version of the car was released, Honda was only able to sell about 402 globally.

Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 was only released in 2010 and the manufacturer stopped its production 6 years after in 2016. This development was as a result of its poor sales. Prior to its release, it was projected that the car will do well in its sales figures, but it was not so.

In fact, the real issue the Chrysler 200 faced was its very poor driving performance. Even though the Chrysler 200 had a beautiful body finish, buyers couldn’t just stand its low performance, considering the price the car was going for.

The car comes with a 173 horsepower compared to the 283 horsepower that came with other Chrysler models.

Even the chief at FCA referred to it as “a failed Chrysler product,” which obviously affected its reputation even more.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan

Over the years, this South Korean car manufacturer has produced few cars that gained success globally. The Hyundai Genesis Sedan is most definitely not in the league. In 2009, it was released in the US to compete in the luxury sedan market, but it failed even before competing.

According to the Asian manufacturer, they believed the purpose of the Genesis Sedan, was to smash premium automobile paradigms. Unluckily for them, the creation didn’t fulfill that mission in any way.

Even though some car experts felt the Hyundai Genesis Sedan would give the Lexus brand a run for their money, most car buyers didn’t think so as they relegated the car to hindmost part of car lots.

Compared to its competitor, BMW 5-series, it sells an average of 1500 cars every month which is 166 percent lower.

Mini Paceman

One year after the Mini Paceman was released; it experienced a terrible decline in sales by a whopping 86 percent. To makes matters worse, a year after it was released the car company shamefully sold 15 cars.

This showed clearly that car buyers weren’t willing to help the car dealers decongest their garages. Thus, the car stays in car lots for a pretty long time. It seemed that the car manufacturer didn’t have buyers at mind while making them, as the design of the car was not built properly to target consumers.

Buyers are still not convinced to buy the car because of its cost-effectiveness; rather most people see the car as a cheap Evoque that refuses to upgrade its status.

Mazda CX-9

A decade ago, the Mazda Cx-9 was the talk of the town, as it was a top seller. Nowadays, no one seems to be showing any interest in the very bulky SUV. In fact, the Mazda CX-9 experienced a massive drop in annual sales by 92 percent. Obviously, it carries the title for “the car no one wants to buy.” How awful could that be?

Even though the size of the SUV suggests it’s the best fit for big families, it still doesn’t go well with many. Hopefully, the Japanese car makers may bring something more fantastic and exciting to the table for its new models.

Suzuki Kizashi

The difficult pronunciation of the name “Suzuki Kizashi,” doesn’t help matters at all for the car.  Even though the Kizahi Kizashi is seen as an awesomely decent car for the family, it sells at a relatively sluggish pace than highly expensive Corvette sports vehicle.

The Asia car manufacturer is able to sell an average of 6,000 cars every year, since its first release. One big issue this car faces is the problem of “brand awareness.” “Many people aren’t aware of the car’s existence” – says the Suzuki sales team.

Obviously, many people find it difficult pronouncing the name, which is poor branding for the company. Another issue is the minute number of dealership available across the globe.

Jeep Renegade

It’s an obvious fact that Jeeps weren’t made for everyone. If you happen to be in the market for one, a Jeep Renegade is not one you will be looking at. However, we can’t erase the fact that the Jeep Renegade is an excellent off-road vehicle. The car also has upscale materials, beautiful styling, and roomy seats.

With all these features, one would begin to think that the Jeep Renegade will be a hit right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although, when it was first released in 2015, it flew out of the car lots fast, after some time, the sales kept declining unstoppably.

Today the sales of the Jeep trail behind when compared to its competitors. Car experts blame the issues on the fact that the Jeep Renegade is a Sub-Compact SUV.

Ford Flex

To be frank, the body structure of the Ford Flex is nothing close to sexy. Even critics have referred to the car’s appearance as “too boxy.” The vehicle is known to be a blend between a minivan and a sports utility vehicle.

However, this vehicle has also received compliments for being a tremendously efficient and practical mover of people. It could also come in handy for moving goods and cargo. It even has a 3.5 liter Ecoboost engine that comes with a 365 horsepower capability.

Still, Ford was only able to make relatively low sales of 20,000 on the year of release, compared to its counterpart, Ford Explorer which sold 250,000 vehicles that same year.

Buick Regal

This car may be a Buick, but the Regal is one acclaimed sporty sedan, automotive journalists, and car experts believe is underrated. The car comes as an all-wheel drive alongside a stick shift. The interior of the Buick Regal is considered to be sexy and sleek. It’s also known to be a fun car to drive.

Additionally, the Buick Regal is a very affordable car; In fact, with $30,000 you can get one parked in your garage. The base price comes with many unbelievable add-ons like; a Wi-Fi hotspot, OnStar driver assist, and a leather interior.

Still, the Buick Regal has been able to sell only 20,000 cars since its release in 2015, despite all its good reviews. By this, it has become the lowest selling Buick car ever.

Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is one sub-brand of Toyota, which has never gone well with the public. In 2016, Toyota stopped the production of the Scion FR-S, as the sales of the car have been really gloomy even with the very affordable price of $27,000.

The car faced a large apathy amongst many car buyers. Thus, many dealers having the car in their lot began to give it off as a bonus car, when a more expensive and high-demand car was bought.

Recently, Toyota decided to rebrand the Scion FR-S as a sports car that will now be named “Toyota FR-S.” They also improved the engine to output 200 horsepower. We will have to wait to see what will come out of this.

15 Cars Everyone Is Emptying Their Bank Accounts For

Audi TT

It takes an average of 23 days and one hour to sell this car off any Audi dealer’s car lot. Many car buyers love this car because of its sporty feel, even though it’s not a sports car. Another cool feature of this car is its light weight. It’s 100lbs lighter than its previous model.

Also, the engine of this car is stronger and its 25 percent stiffer than the former model. The outer panels are made of aluminum which is more durable. The dashboard is more restructured with climate and heated seat switches repositioned to the air outlets.

It also outputs 292 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque which is far better than the previous model.

Subaru Legacy

This car doesn’t last in the car lot of a dealer for more than 24 hours. It appears that many car buyers don’t give two looks, before they opt to buy the car, even if it will mean them emptying their bank accounts.

This may be because of the newly installed recalibrated suspension that comes with the car. This feature allows drivers to enjoy a smooth ride and better steering control. Also, it comes with a new infotainment system which carries features like; automatic collision notification, SOS emergency assistance, maintenance notifications, and vehicle diagnostics.

Also, it has got great safety features like the EyeSight system alongside its driver assistance features such as blind spot warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane keeping assist.

Subaru Outback

When it comes to fuel economy, the Subaru Outback is a car you can depend on. Thus, it has a four-cylinder engine that gets a 25-mpg city and 33-mpg highway. It also has another flat-six engine that is rated at 20-mpg city and 27-mpg highway.

The 3.6-liter flat-six engine produces a maximum torque of 247 lb-ft and a maximum power of 256 HP. While the second 2.5-liter flat-four engine of the model produces a maximum power of 175 HP and a maximum torque of 174 lb-ft.

Another feature that customers like about the Subaru Outback is the fact that it can accommodate up to five adult passengers. The Subaru Outback spends about 16 days on dealerships lots.

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is a plug-in hybrid car that customers love and don’t mind going an extra mile to get due to its amazing features. Asides the fact that this model is lighter and slightly larger than its previous model; it has the option of getting one of two Drive-E turbocharged and supercharged engines.

The XC90 model has a base engine connected to a Volvo eight-speed automatic transmission and standard all-wheel drive that produces a maximum power of 316 HP and a maximum torque of 295 lb-ft. The car also has an electric motor located on the rear axle. The electric motor produces a maximum power of 395 HP and a maximum torque of 472 lb-ft.

The metal, real wood and high-end leather used for the interior give this model a luxury look that contributes to customers being attracted to it. This is the reason why the average amount of time this car spends on dealerships lots is 22.7 days.

Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is a small sports utility car that has good fuel efficiency ratings. For manual transmission, it has 25-mpg city and 34-mpg highway. For the automatic transmission, it has 28-mpg city and 35-mpg highway.

The 24.3-cubic feet cargo space located at the front-drive is another feature that customers probably like. The Honda HR-V also uses a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that produces a maximum torque of 127 lb-ft at 4300 rpm and a maximum power of 141 HP at 6500 rpm.

The fully galvanized steel panels, lightly tinted glass, steel spare wheel, electric power-assist steering, six-speed manual transmission, and gas-pressurized shock absorbers are some of the features that attract customers. It also makes the Honda HR-V sit on the dealerships lots in less than 17.7 days.

Mercedes-Benz Metris

The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a midsize commercial vehicle. It has the ability to hold up to 4,960 pounds of payload if it’s properly equipped.

This model also has safety features that could attract customers. It also includes attention assist that helps monitor the driving pattern of drivers and crosswind assist.

Customers that have a large family would find this car interesting, because it can accommodate up to eight passengers in the passenger alternative.

Other features like collision prevention assist, blind spot warning, and lane keeping assist also attract customers. Hence, it’s no surprise that this car goes off dealerships lots within 20.2 days.

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner is a car with features, that customers’ love. Some of the features include a strong V6 engine, an impressive cargo capacity, great off-road capabilities, and an optional third-row seat.

The 4Runner allows the integration of the driver’s cell phone in order to provide an upgraded audio system and navigation. Other eye-catching features are its five-speed shiftable automatic transmission, a 4.0 L V6 engine that produces a maximum power of 270 HP at 5600 rpm and a maximum torque of 278 lb-ft at 4400 rpm.

No doubt, the Toyota 4Runner is a car any customer would love to have because; it goes off the dealerships lots in at most 20.8 days after it first appears.

Audi Q3

The Audi Q3 is known for its high-quality material in the interior from the well-designed infotainment center, comfortable seats to knurled aluminum knobs. This car also has an electromechanical steering with speed-dependent power assistance and a compact spare tire.

The matte brushed aluminum inlays that were used as a dashboard trim gives this car a luxury look. Other features that catch the attention of buyers include full LED headlights, S line exterior package, 19-inch alloy wheels, 2.0 L L4 turbocharged DOHC 16-valve engine, and a 474 L cargo capacity.

This model is on dealerships lots for an average of 24.8 days.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is an amazing car that runs on every fuel source that is available. It runs on electric hybrid, gas, and diesel. This model also has a lovely interior with stitched leather, well-crafted elements, and high-gloss wood trim.

The GLE has a command controller on the center console that enables the driver to click through different screens of the computer system. It has so many safety features that customers love like the active lane keeping assist that functions by gently vibrating the steering wheel when the car crosses over lane lines. It has other safety features like the blind spot assist, brake and pedestrian detection. The Mercedes-Benz GLE leaves the dealerships lots within 21.5 days.

Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan is one car that customers go out of their way to get because; it doesn’t just have a smooth transmission that enables the car to attain a top speed of 156 mph, it also comes with two choices of engine.

The first engine option is a 3.6-liter that yields a maximum power of 400 HP. It also has the ability to cover 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. This gives the car a maximum speed of 164 mph.

The second engine option is a standard 3.0 L V6 engine that produces a maximum power of 340 HP alongside a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. This engine can cover 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. This car goes off the dealerships lots within 21.6 days.

Toyota Highlander

This vehicle uses a 3.5-liter V6 gas engine that produces a maximum torque of 263 lb-ft at 4700 rpm and a maximum power of 295 HP at 6600 rpm. The Toyota Highlander has an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission.

It also can accommodate up to 7 adults and it has other attractive features like 39.5 in front headroom, 59.3 in front shoulder room, alloy wheel locks, rear bumper protector, all-season tires, and a multi-level heating driver seat.

Another reason why customers love this car is that, IIHS rates the Toyota Highlander as a Top Safety Pick. This model spends about 18.2 days on dealerships lots.

Scion iA

The Scion iA has the hearts of customers because it’s the first sedan in the Scion fleet that is an entry-model car. This model also has good fuel efficiency ratings. The rating for the automatic transmission is 42 mpg highway and 33 mpg city. The manual transmission has a rating of 41 mpg highway and 31 mpg city.

The Scion iA uses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces a maximum torque of 103 lb-ft at 4000 rpm and a maximum power of 106 HP at 6000 rpm. It can accommodate 5 adults and has a Rack-Pinion steering. This model goes off the dealerships lots in an average of 24.5 days.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a Mid-size luxury SUV that uses an intercooled Supercharger premium unleaded 3.0 L V6 engine. The engine has the ability to produce a maximum power of 340 HP at 6500 rpm and a maximum torque of 332 lb-ft at 3500 rpm.

This model can accommodate 5 adults and 2 children. It also has the ability to perform both on and off road. The Range Rover Sport has a gasoline direct injection fuel system.

The interior is another gorgeous feature that attracts customers coupled with its hands-free tailgate that opens with a gesture. This SUV leaves the dealerships lots in about 22.4 days.

Mercedes-AMG GT

This sports car has an FMR layout. The car uses a 4.0 L M178 twin-turbo V8 petrol engine that produces a maximum power of 456 HP and maximum torque of 443 lb-ft. The rear wheels are powered by a 7-speed AMG speed shift dual-clutch transmission.

This car has the ability to cover 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds. It can also cover a quarter mile in 11.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 193 mph.

The boot lid of the Mercedes-AMG GT is steel while the bonnet is made up of magnesium. This model has wide wheel arches, fastback sloping roofline, and a lower body work. Customers are also attracted to the large center console and decorative elements present in the leather and carbon polymer design. This car spends 18.7 days on dealerships lots.

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is an attractive car that uses 100 percent renewable energy construction. It also uses an optional laser headlight. This car has an E-drive mode that permits the car to cruise up to 15 miles on electric power. Also, it speeds up to 75 mph.

The i8 model uses a three-cylinder turbocharged engine. This engine has the ability to cover 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds. The body is made up of carbon fiber reinforced plastic that is supposed to be as strong as steel.

Other features that make this model a “must-get” for customers is the 360-degree camera system with bird’s eye view, full-color head-up display, and the pre-collision system.

The BMW i8 stay on dealership lots for 19.3 days.



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25 facts about Chris Harris you need to know

Right after the iconic trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond left the BBC 2 TV show Top Gear, very few people had hopes of a better if not the same Top Gear we had.

Then, up until February 2016, most of the spotlight was on the star-studded Chris Evans and his co-host Matt LeBlanc.

Then Chris Harris was introduced to join the duo followed by the addition of Rory Reid, during the revamping of the show. It wasn’t long before viewers noticed that Chris Harris was the secret weapon of the show.

Harris was soon able to dazzle viewers because of his driving ability, enthusiasm and vast knowledge of cars. He showed that he was in a completely different league to co-host Matt Leblanc and Chris Evans.

But should that be a surprise?

Although Chris Harris’s face was not familiar to prime time television, he is a very popular automotive journalist. Chris Harris cuts across everything that has got to do with an automobile. He is obviously an icon that has left giant footprints in the automotive journalism industry.

Harris has written for big automobile magazines and publications in the past. He wrote for the Autocar magazine and rose to become an official road-test editor.

The British-born sports journalist is also very popular on social media. In fact, he has a very huge fan base of over four hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube. The name of the channel is “Chris Harris on Cars”.

Many car enthusiasts troop to his channel to view his periodic uploaded videos, and car reviews. But do they, and you, know everything about this man?

Keep reading. You will discover 25 amazing facts about Chris Harris.

His Mother was an Auto Cross-Racer

If you were wondering where the car genius in Chris Harris came from, then you need to take a closer look at his genealogy.

Chris Harris was born on the 20th day of January 1975 to the Harris’s. He grew up in Bristol England. Currently, he resides in Monmouthshire. His father was an accountant and his mother was an auto cross-racer.

Yes. Chris Harris’s mother was a professional auto cross-racer in the early 1950s.

It’s believed that his mother’s life was one of the factors that influenced his love for cars. No wonder, she was the first person he called when he got the job to present on BBC 2 top auto show, Top Gear.  He mentioned that when he was interviewed by the cars & motors section of BBC 2 in 2017.

Chris Harris Sees Abu Dhabi as His Dream Location for Shooting Top Gear

When asked in an interview with BBC 2 cars & motors section recently about his dream location to shoot the Top Gear show and the reason why? He said his dream location would be Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


He has a great deal of respect for Yas Marina. “The Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi has got a great circuit for oversteer,” he said. He also mentioned that filming can take place all night in the location because of the great floodlights that shine brightly at night.

If you were a fan of Top Gear from its heydays with Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson, you would remember that the Porsche 918 Spyder was reviewed by Richard Hammond in this same location.

Chris Harris First Car Memory Was….

“In 1980 at an early age of 5, I remember sitting in the back seat of my father’s BMW 323i,” says Chris Harris in an interview with a UK automotive magazine. This is the first car experience that made Chris Harris the car genius he is at the moment.

Since that day, Chris interest in cars quickly went over the board to the point that 38 years later, he became a world celebrated automotive journalist. Matter of fact, to date, he still has a vivid imagination of his father’s 3 series BMW.

When asked about his reaction whenever the picture of the 3 Series BMW crosses his mind, Chris replied with one word – “Epic”.

He Started from the Bottom in the Automotive Journalism Industry

Chris started working in Autocar magazine in his 20s. When he just joined the company, he had to perform various menial labor tasks. He did a lot of cleaning ranging from washing floors, cleaning ashtrays etc. In fact, it wasn’t looking as if good fortune was going to shine on him anyway.

But just like a Mazda Miata in a race against V12 Lambos, his enthusiasm and diligence kept driving him. He never gave up on his job because he knew what he was aiming at. At last, after several years of consistency and hard work, he was promoted in Autocar magazine to handle the job of the official road-test editor.

It wasn’t long before he gained widespread popularity by writing a ton of automotive reviews. He also had a regular opinion column.

Harris Earned the Nick Name “Monkey” While Working for Autocar Magazine

There is no famous Top Gear presenter who ever made it through the show without getting a nickname. Richard Hammond was known as the “Hamster”, while James May was the self-proclaimed “Captain Slow”. But for Chris Harris, his nickname “Monkey” did not originate from the show.

He earned this name while he was still working for Autocar magazine. In fact, almost all of his colleagues at work grew to know him as “Monkey.”

This was to the extent that some new staff who had recently joined the company didn’t know his real name as Chris Harris. Rather they knew him with the nickname “Monkey.”

So how did he end up with the name?

Apparently, the name came from the character “Monkey Harris” in the British Sitcom “Only Fools and Horses”, which ran on the airwaves of BBC 1 from 1981 to 2003.

Chris Harris Once Co-Founded a Web-Based Platform Called Drivers Republic

Towards the end of 2007, Chris Harris left the UK based automotive magazine Autocar. At this point, he was willing to try something fresh and interesting. So, in the spring of 2018, he decided to try his hands on his personal automotive magazine.

But this time, it was web-based. The magazine consisted of a customized social community for drivers. He not only ran an online magazine but also a video channel for drivers.

Together with Richard Meaden, Steve Davies, and Jethro Bovingdon, the Drivers’ Republic started online. They came together under the canopy of NewMedia Republic Limited.

However, in August 2009, the company ceased publication due to some differences faced by the co-founders over how the magazine and video content was produced.

He Wrote His First Article for Evo Magazine on the 12th Day of October 2009

Shortly after the web-based platform Drivers Republic closed down, Chris Harris went on to become a writer and reviewer for Evo magazine. The British magazine has offices based in Northamptonshire and Wollaston. It’s owned by Dennis Publishing.

Chris Harris’s debut on the 12th of October, 2009 saw him working alongside major celebrity automotive enthusiasts. They included Jeff Daniels, Gordon Murray, and Rowan Atkinson on some few occasions.

He made publications for Evo Magazine every month. This was until 21st of December 2011, when he had to go on a temporary leave. But, in April 2015, Chris Harris was back to Evo Magazine.

Chris Harris Partnered With Drive on YouTube to Run Reviews for 2 Years

In the spring of 2012, Chris Harris had a partnership with Drive on YouTube. Drive is a popular automotive channel on YouTube that features online video series for car racing enthusiasts. They run driving adventures, car racing coverage, car reviews, and the detailed reviews of luxury cars for high-end users.

It officially started just a day after the New Year celebration of 2012. It was known to be the first Google original content initiative of new series to be aired that year. The team was made up of Chris Harris, Michael Spinelli of, Michael Farah of and Alex Roy the Gumball 3000 veteran.

He Started His Own Automotive YouTube Channel on October 2014

After two years of featuring on the Drive YouTube Channel, Chris Harris left the network to start his own. Exactly on the 27th of October, Chris Harris kicked off his own YouTube channel called “Chris Harris on Cars.”

Already, Chris had built the “Chris Harris on Cars” brand while he was still working with the Drive YouTube Channel. He had already gained a vast viewership of over 3.5 million views with 104 videos uploaded while featuring on the Drive YouTube Channel for 2 years.

It was therefore not surprising when he gained over 30 million views with over 350,000 YouTube subscribers over the first year.

He Began Writing for Jalopnik in Late 2014

Chris Harris got a contract to write for Jalopnik on the 27th of October, 2014. This came to him not too long before he started his own personal YouTube video channel, “Chris Harris on Cars.”

At that time, Jalopnik was a subsidiary of Gawker Media.

In 2016, Gawker Media filed for bankruptcy due to a monetary judgment. This was caused by a sex tape lawsuit by the wrestler Hulk Hogan, which was filed against them. These problems saw Gawker Media acquired by Univision communications in an auction.

At this time, Chris Harris’s contract had to be terminated due to developments and changes that arose.

At Least Half of the Cars Chris Harris Drives Were Given to Him by the Manufacturers of the Cars

This is not in reference to the cars he reviews. It is in reference to the cars he owns.

Chris Harris has a total of 16 cars.  Most of them he acquired from the car manufacturers whose cars he reviewed.

So how did this happen?

Most times, a car manufacturer gives an automotive journalist “press cars” believing they will get a positive review from the journalist. They do this when they release a new car to the market.

They use this medium as a subtle way to increases the sales of the particular car. For Chris Harris, he’s a magnet to these vehicles.

In some cases, he receives them for use for a certain period of time. An example is the Audi RS 6 he was given by Audi for 6 months.

Chris Harris Co-Hosts the Extra Gear Show

The extra gear show kicked off on the 27th of April, 2016. It is a British online television motoring series, broadcasted by BBC 3. It’s strictly aired online. Also, it’s available as an on-demand service on the BBC iplayer in the UK.

The Extra Gear serves as a subsidiary show of Top Gear. The British motoring series gets released online after every show of Top Gear is aired on television via BBC 2.

By the 29th of May, 2016, Chris Harris was added as one of the main presenters in the Extra Gear motoring show – which suits him well since at the time he was the Top Gear host.

Chris Harris Has Grown from Getting Paid to Paying Others

In the early years of Chris Harris’s career, he lived under the payroll of Autocar Magazine and Evo Magazine as an auto journalist. As his automotive journalist career progressed, he began to branch out to his own personal gig.

Harris depended partially on sponsorships through various brands and YouTube advertising revenue all through the production of Chris Harris on Cars which was featured on the Drive YouTube Channel.

Now, Chris Harris supports his current production series “Chris Harris on Cars” on his own YouTube channel. He pays both his editor/cameraman Neil Carey and himself.

He Had a Clash with Ferrari

When it comes to giving opinions about a car, Harris doesn’t hesitate to express how he feels. While at it, he is fearless about the car manufacturer he upsets in the process.

This was evident when he wrote for Jalopnik.  He clearly stated that “the joy of driving a new Ferrari is now almost removed by the pain of dealing with the organization often’’.

This statement landed him a ban from driving Ferraris. It occurred between 2011 and 2013. However, he gave his review of the F12 TDF in the third episode of the last series of top gear in 2017. The review probably suggests the relationship is now headed in the right direction – though you have to admit Ferrari can be a little nitpicky at times.

He Remembers What First Stimulated His Love for Cars

When he was only 6 years old, Chris went to his dad’s office on a cool Saturday. But when he probably got bored, he excused himself from his dad’s office.

As soon as he left his dad’s office, he went in search of a distraction. By fate, or mere petrol head attraction, his eyes gazed at a magazine lying fallow in the company waiting room. The magazine was titled “What Car?”

Immediately he picked up the magazine and went through it, he fell in love with it. This stimulated his love for cars. Apparently, he still has that prized issue till date.

He’s something of a Supercar Expert

It would interest you to know that Chris Harris has owned so many supercars over the years. This might be one of the reasons why Harris is also involved in testing vehicles supplied by manufacturers.

One of the supercars Harris has is the Ferrari 599. He also has the Lamborghini Gallardo. However, Chris Harris appears to be a big fan of Porsches. Matter of fact, this love for Porsches inspired him to take the bold step of building his dream 911.

The dream 911 is a green 1972 car, equipped with the performance of a Porsche. Matter of fact, the car was so good that afterward, he made a decision to nickname the car Kermit for reasons best known to him.

He’s feuded with Lamborghini

By virtue of being a very honest car reviewer, Chris Harris was set to feud with another company soon after thrashing Ferrari in a Jalopnik post. And this time, he was taking the bull by the horns.

Once again, Chris Harris got quite expressive when he was reviewing the Lamborghini Asterion or rather, giving his views on this concept car and previous Lambos he has driven. He gave a description of the Lamborghini car as a “perfect car for those who can’t drive and want to be seen.”

It did not end there as expected, rather he took it a step further by stating that the future of the company was “bleak”. This resulted in a ban from reviewing Lamborghini cars.

He Believes There Is a Link between Car Ownership and Happiness

Chris Harry told a story about how his father was angry over his purchase of the 1989 Porsche 911 club sport until he came around to the splurge.

He said his father asked him the reason why he had a job that appeared to be earning him nothing. This statement was as a result of Harris’s inability to pay his rent despite having a job.

But on a second thought, his father observed that regardless of his inability to pay his rent, he had the 1989 Porsche 911 club sports car and was happy. According to Harris, it was the first time his father acknowledged the correlation between his owning a car and his happiness.

This made his father have faith that it would all work out eventually.

Surprisingly He Had No Clash with Mazda

When Chris Harris did a review for the Mazda MX-5 Miata, he made offensive comments. He said he was “completely uncertain to the existence” of the machine. He also went ahead to state that the car drove with all the precision of a boneless limb”.

After so many comments directed to him as regards his words, he took his time to give the Miata another shot. He did this to be sure he was not misguided in his derision.

After the second shot, he admitted to being a bit hard on the Miata initially. But he said that did not mean he was recanting his previous point of view.

The surprising thing was despite his comments about the Mazda car he was still allowed to review other Mazda model. This was due to the fact that Mazda had no issues with his criticism.

He Deals With both Old and New Vehicles

Chris Harris has so many cars. These cars are a combination of old and new vehicles. He has the BMW E39 523i. He described this car as one of the greatest series production vehicles in the world. A 1986 model of BMW E28 M5 is also part of his collection.

The 1994 model of the range Rover classic is not left out. He also has the 322 Range Rover, and an Audi S4 Avant that he refers to as a car that has an appetite for DSG gearboxes.

The Peugeot 205 XS, Citroen AX GT, and Peugeot 205 Rallye are not left out to mention a few.

He Has an Extensive Career in Racing

Harris has an extensive racing career. This was evident in 2000 when he won first place in a race using a Formula Palmer Audi. Other cars that he used to race are Jaguar E-type, Renault Sports R.S 01, Cup, and an Aston Martin Vantage GT12.

Due to his love for racing, he proceeded to the endurance race like the 24 Hours Nurburgring race that took place between 2010 and 2015.

In 2016, Harris was on the Glickenhaus team, but their car crashed during a practice session. Harris ensures he makes videos regularly about races he’s attempting. He does this in order to teach basic race techniques or share his experiences.

He Is an Expert Road Test Editor

Harris proved to have strong opinions from the onset. He wrote without any form of fear and he presented his opinions persuasively.

He was also known to like heated arguments and have an extreme reluctance for losing. Even though he covered all this with laconic humor, it was obvious that he had a main interest. And that main interest was road testing.

Over time, he rapidly became an expert in road testing. This made people all over the world seek his expertise. This did not exclude big car manufacturers across the globe. Every one of them wants to have a taste of Chris Harris’s review.

He Did a More Detailed Web Film

In a post on Tuesday morning, Harris and Top Gear made an announcement with a minute-long teaser, drift-filled for the new show. Harris stated that he was delighted to” make beautiful films like the F12tdf piece show for the Top Gear television show.”

But he also said that his natural format was to make a more detailed web film and broadcast them. The broadcasting was done through TG’s huge online audience. For Harris, this is a dream come true.

Harris made it very clear that he wants the films to be the way they were on Chris Harris on Cars with added slow-motion slides.

He’s known to always make an honest point in his reviews

No doubt, Chris Harris loves cars and enjoys driving fast. It is also interesting that he is paid to do it. One of the episodes of “Chris Harris on Cars” showed how Harris drove the Ferrari F50 and F40. His level of enthusiasm was evidently high.

Seeing him bounce around in the driver’s seat with his eyeballs bulging out, gives a sign that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Hence, to an extent, he has been able to make his point every time he does reviews for cars.

Sometimes his reviews could go from nasty to mild depending on his preferences. This just reveals that he is honest about the opinions he makes.

Chris Harris narrowly escaped death in 2017

In 2017, Chris Harris was injured in Belgium by a racing crew member. The crew member carried a car part that accidentally sliced Harris’s head on the sharp edge of the aerodynamic f3 wing.

Harris explained that he was waiting in the paddock when he felt the car part strike his head. Regardless of the incident, Harris tweeted a snap to his followers on Twitter early in the afternoon.

In his tweet, he said “solid race preparations: nearly getting brained as a result of a man carrying a poorly located F3 wing through the paddock”. He then backed it up by posting a photograph that showed few stitches from the medical staff.